Melee Zer0....You Still 0ut There?

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I’m encountering an issue, i’ve been trying to learn how to melee with Zer0 via OP1 peak, and everytime I execute a sapper, I seem to hit FFYL… Am I missing something?

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Is the sapper doing his fire nova? Sappers are like mini Scorches so you have to treat them as such. Most Zer0s do not melee this enemy. Gun or launcher it.

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To my understanding, Rising shot is taken because you are often face tanking an enemy with your grog or rapier and so in those cases you build Rising Shot stacks, it’s not for MMF…I dunno, I have it on my melee Zero, but I’ve not tried with or without to see if it makes a major difference

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Thanks for the tip, I will keep it in mind.

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@ChemicalConundrum brought this vid to my attention. Great info from @Joltzdude139

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Had a Co0p session with @nat_zero_six. 1st Boss of 3:


Does it seem to you guys that there’s a point when Terra’s descending that she doesn’t take damage anymore? You can still manage a successful Execute when she’s just gone fully under but it doesn’t seem to me to do anything. I kind of thinking half her head needs to be exposed or something?

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Yes, I see that as well. On this kill, not only the underground head doesn’t take damage, I missed a couple executes with shield not fully stripped. Definitely not a clean raid. :blush:


I thought I’d poke around the net to see if anyone has actually tested this - instead I was stopped dead by this :

I’m dying :rofl:

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I think this is a job for Jefe the Master Tester. :+1:

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Jefe the Master Baiter and the Mass Debater. :wink:


I took Zer0 down to True. Melee’s damage is too variable so I just hit her with the Ultimate Shield Stripper (Rapier) as she descended. She continued to take equal damage the whole time - and even took damage for that second or two when she goes fully underground.
This still seems weird - I’m positive Executes do nothing or next-to-nothing after her head starts to disappear.

@StrikerZidane - thoughts? :point_down:

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Remind me next time that it is a bad idea to take on terra after a long break. Lol


I reviewed my video frame by frame :

Here she is taking damage. I’m not sure what to make of those different numbers - they were different even when she was fully up.

You can start to see “RESIST!” now - I guess her chin is touching the ground.

She still shows numbers but shows “RESIST!” a bit more.

I have no idea what exactly to conclude from that other than I’m more confused than ever. Damage numbers with intermittent “resists”?

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Any recommandation for Hide of Terra parts?
Found these 3 so far. (Faster to farm then the Hornet! :sweat_smile:)

I’m leaning toward the last one. The 4.62 delay. Pan,Pan,Hyp.
Any keeper?

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All Maliwan is best I think. Just keep in mind that the Maliwan body is a myth that only exists in other people’s games.


Mailwan parts are great but I think we all agree they have the smallest chance to spawn.

Pangolin is so bad, but yes the third one is the least bad. It has a very large capacity. I don’t think you’ll have an issue stripping it but if you do you may have to find an OP1+ Chain Lightning (or try a shock Bone).

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Thank you for your support… :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah. I figured Pangolin wouldn’t be recommended. Or Hyperion. They kinda balanced each others but not quite if I read you right.

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Hide of Terramorphous Max Capacity Pangolin Pangolin Pangolin 921059 53474 6.86 +461591 1143366
Max Recharge Rate Bandit Bandit Bandit 653655 141257 4.34 +366089 880736
Min Recharge Delay Hyperion Hyperion Hyperion 462652 80136 1.79 +652594 1668624
Max Roid Damage Maliwan Maliwan Maliwan 424451 98473 3.50 +811763 2106339
Max Nova Damage Maliwan Maliwan Maliwan 424451 98473 3.50 +811763 2106339
Blast Proof. Max Roid & Nova Damage Maliwan Maliwan Torque 526320 100510 3.78 +673816 1726986

Wow it worked, kind of… That’s the stats at 72.


The delay is the most important thing for the shield - certainly initially. Less than 3 seconds and you’ll never have an opportunity to learn shield management during chains. 3.5 to 4.0 is ideal - any longer and you can become vulnerable.

The Hyp part gets that punishing Pangolin delay in line and gets the damage up to “acceptable”.

Incidentally @Dr_Do-Little - that delay is such that having BAR on could be a good thing.