Melee Zero - having a hard time on bosses

Hey guys.

I currently playing melee Zero, and already did the storyline at UHVM.

So now… I’m farming and trying to get to level 72.
Slag Rubi - Think its level 50.
Slag Rapier - Same as Rubi.
Slag Pimpernel
And a legendary sniper - can’t remember the name.

I haven’t got a higher level of Rubi and Rapier, because I didn’t think I would need that as much as other gear, because it’s more the melee dmg from those weapons, and it don’t really scale.

The problem is, that I’m having a really hard time doing the bosses… and generally flying enemies such as: The 3 dragons at the beginning of Tiny Tina’s DLC.

What should I do? Should I go farm for gear that are easier to get than from the bosses, or should I just get to 72 and then go farm?

aaaanyone have some ideas or advices?

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Get guns with high fire rate to deal with flying enemies.

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The Rubi doesn’t necessarily need to be a higher level if you’re only using it for the healing (and maybe slagging).
The Rapier similarly doesn’t need to be a higher level if all you’re using it for is the melee damage bonus.
The Pimpernel and whatever other sniper rifle you’re using should be, since they will be directly damaging enemies.

The three dragons at the beginning of Tiny Tina’s DLC? On the Unassuming Docks? I’m not sure where you’re at.

For flying enemies, you can repeatedly Execute in the air towards them for a hit, but there’s a risk that you’ll come out of Decepti0n over some environmental hazard (and it’s tricky to actually pull off). It’s also, while rewarding, somewhat time consuming. I do it for fun on occasion, but to try to run an entire map like that might drive me nuts. As @l_gabrielcruz mentioned, get some weapon with a high rate of fire (I prefer Hyperion shotguns for this myself) and shoot them. In a pinch, go tip yourself a Good Touch from Moxxi.

Alternately, if you time it right, you should be able to melee enemies that fly directly overhead simply by looking straight up and trying to hit them.

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The three dragons you fight when Tiny Tina sends you to get the White Knight, aka Roland. My new Zero is strictly in the Bloodshed tree ATM so I can’t really give any advice about that (just level 24) but yes- Hyperion or Jakobs shotguns should help out with flying enemies…

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Oh those! Yeah, melee against those will be problematic. I usually lurk in the cave and pot shot them.