Melee zooming out

Will there ever be an option to zoom out playing a melee character on the ps4?

Short answer: Most likely not. If you are wondering why, there are quite a few discussions that could help you already on the forums.

The two most recurring points are about fairness and the intentional FP design.

This is true the Whole Fairness thing i think is the biggest reason. Plus I feel it its honestly fine as is. If they want a bit of a change then FOV slider might be handy but I doubt it.

Which forums is that? Sorry. Not sure where the official forums are. You have a link?

To my knowledge this is the main thread covering this topic. But if you hit the search button and type in 3rd person or third person. You will find many results.

You’re on the official Gearbox forum now. Here. This place.

/waves arms around.

There are enough threads on this issue, so please use one of those linked above. Thanks.