Melka Vs Sentry

So why after the whole marquis debacle is something like this even remotely still allowed to happen. i just had a melka DoT the sentry to death in a match almost completely by herself… my team wasnt able to handle lane pushing and so roughly all my time was spent there… is this what they want this game mode to be? or am i just missing something…

Dude. Mellkas Venom does what, 46DPS now? Do you understand how long she would need to go unchecked to take the sentry out with that damage?


you are avoid the issue to try and save her face for no reason… its the fact the she can dot for a very consistent amount of time not hoe much damage… the sentries main for of defense is its shields… which if you didnt know, dont recharge while taking damage… even if its 1 damage
Lets assume that the sentries shields absorb 20% or more of the damage the sentry sustains for a match imagine if you could effectively remove that… thats all i have to say on that.

Plenty of characters have dot. Plenty of characters have dot that they can easily reapply over and over. I just find it incredibly amusing that you picked Mellka for this.

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Mellka is one of the worst characters to do this anyway. I can only applaud that player who did it with Mellka. I guess he/she had some good 2-3 minutes of no interruption.

nevermind… nobody is open minded to change. admin close this thread pls

Everyone here know how weak melka venom is, melka didnt beat the sentry by herself, she only negated the shield regen, thorn and trix can do this and deal real dmg to the sentry.

Probably everyone else in her team did the dmg, melka only negated the shield regen for 13 seconds

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Actually, 6 now

So just push her out of lane. Unless she’s amazing, it’s not too hard. Any good CC will tank her health.

We’re open minded to useful changes. You didn’t even suggest a change btw, so how can we accept something never brought up?

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I am still quite personally opposed to characters being able to, from there basic attack, just dot a sentry and keep its shields from recharging. I know melka is in a terribly awkward spot right now but the increase in her venom time did not sit right with me at all for this particular reason since she is the strongest character to be able to apply a dot.

I personally think sentrys should be immune to all forms of dot and dam amps and such

It does 6dps, for 8 seconds.

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Well, there IS that upgrade that gives her machine pistol the ability to apply infinite amounts of Venom. Was that what she was using?

Maybe, but in current form a Mellka getting to Lv. 8 before first sentry would make this player really good. And it is currently worse than Thrill of the hunt, Which grants Mellka a huge 35% movement speed on infecting people with venom.

So yeah. Refined Canisters, the augment which allows venom bullets is on lv. 8, competing with a usefull mutation (since Venom Nerfs BP35+) and getting to lv. 8 would mean that either your team was heavilly dissadvantaged, or she was that good that it wouldn’t matter who she was.

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@TheGhillieBoss the reason we’re saying that mellka’s venom isn’t that powerful because it’s weak enough to drink, if you had a mellka do that then he/she/it was extremely skilled at using a character that ONLY has mobility now but fair enough you asked for the thread to be closed @moderators