Melka's helix rework

Hello everyone.

Im bored and decided to play a little bit with usless helix options.

Few changes: Hiting a target with claw lunge boost her meele dmg in 40% 4 sec, spikes always leaves a parting gift.

L hiting an enemy marks him for 5 sec increasing dmg of spike in 30%.
R no changes

L increase +3 sec duration.
M propels melka in the direction she is moving
R no change

Lvl3: no change

Lvl4: no change

L 50% life steal meleeing enemies afflicted with venom
M enemies killed while afflicted with venom explode leaving a pool of venom for 3 seconds
R no change

L no change
R decreases claw lunge cooldown based on melka’s remaining hp 50% cooldown reductio

L no change
R spike 50% size increase

L melka’s bullets applay venom
M increase duration of venom dot and pool in 4 sec
R while an enemy is envenomed melka acc increase in 100%

L no change
R killing an enemy with claw lunge reset its cooldown

L no change
M each shot explodes on contact dealing base dmg and leaving a pool of venom
R +500 dmg charges the blade and release when fired

Thoughts, feedback?



■■■■ yeah

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Some of these ideas are pretty creative, but I don’t know that I would take them still over the alternatives. Would the mutation at 5 be a Parting Gift pool? Because that would be pretty insane post-level 8, with minion waves effectively leaving lanes coated in damage pools, and that I totally would take - despite the huge risk of losing Eldrid Rhythm.

Claw Lunge cooldown reduction based on health makes much more sense than Spike, but the extra radius on Spike and Parting Gift is too important to pass up. Refined Canister is still always going to be essential because of what it does the base damage of any Mellka bullet.

Side note…

As far as Hobbling Strike (Lunge) goes, I think the simplest fix is to have it slow everyone around Mellka when she lunges (like Benedict’s slow on Lift Off). That way it becomes AE, so it competes with Hobbling Spike, and it also works when you use it as an escape, whereas now it’s wasted for the majority of usages of the skill.

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My idea is to combo her attack and envenom a target followed by a claw lung, a couple of meele hits and spike away

Holy crap that would be badass. Minions just exploding everywhere into pools of venom, I so want this now.

I enjoyed your helix ideas @dantesolar . I would love to see Mellka get some love with some sort of changes to her helix tree, and I know it’s been talked about a lot on these forums, so I would hope Gearbox is listening.

I think she’s the only character I always know what to choose, no matter the situation.

I love this

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