Mellka character screen suggestions


I wasn’t going to post anything but seeing as how Mellka continues to be irrelevant for another week, I thought I would make a few suggestions about her character screen.

Things start well, she is described as ‘Agile’. It is hard to argue with that… unless Beatrix is around of course, so maybe just add an asterisk here.

The character screen then goes on to describe her as an ‘Assassin’… OK, this seems a little inaccurate now. Mellka wasn’t exactly a power house before, particularly early in games but now she is positively anaemic. I think that you could go one of two ways here…

Option one would be to emphasise Mellka’s need for early game kill steals and inability to meaningfully contribute any kind of damage, so ‘Opportunist’ might work. I think that this is a little negative though… There is more than enough negativity in the world today and people want to feel better about things…

Which brings me to option two, you could instead emphasise her entertainment value. Marvel as she swoops through the air! Watch in awe as she escapes certain death! Chuckle as she tries to run after you in the hope of causing any kind of melee damage! Cry with laughter as she gets silenced/stunned/stuck on geometry etc. and instantly killed! (Mellka fans and particularly players may wish to omit the laughter part here). So, I think it would be best if you replaced ‘Assassin’ with ‘Entertainer’. This would also give you the opportunity to release a clown themed skin for Mellka complete with big flappy clown shoes (Which, conveniently, would go some way as to explain why she runs so slowly.)

This brings me to the last entry on her character screen. She is apparently ‘Easy’ to play as… I thought about this for a little while and a phrase sprang to mind that I often see kids today use. The phrase is ‘hard as balls’. I don’t know what these balls are, or why they are so hard but it seems strangely appropriate. You start out slow, squishy with little ability to wave clear or cause any kind of damage to other players. Sure, experienced Mellka players can still survive even if they can’t contribute to the team in the way ‘proper’ (i.e. almost everyone else) characters can but may (insert deity here) help any new players who mistakenly select her while under the misapprehension that they are about to go on a kill streak.

In view of these other suggestions, the ‘Eldrid Attacker’ title now seems a little serious. While still correct, if someone comes up to you in the street and covers you with harmless green goop, it is technically an attack. However, I think most would consider this more of a prank rather than an attack. So perhaps this could be changed to ‘Eldrid Prankster’?

While you are considering Mellka’s character screen, if you could also have a quick look at Orendi and the various obscene buffed legendary load outs that are currently going around and dominating games, that would be great. It would be really nice not to have to use all my gear slots for extra health etc. just to avoid spending entire games getting one shot. Oh and it might be nice if you could look at the chain stuns too but only if you have time. But hey, at least you have solved the Mellka issue, I always used to dread seeing a Mellka in the opposing line up. She had that nasty hard stun… wait, that was someone else?.. and she could one shot you with her ult… couldn’t she? Any she was nigh on unkillable with the amount of damage she could tank… someone else again? It is at last safe to play and not be in constant fear of all the Mellkas out there. I used to see them in my sleep.


Eden’s mellka certainly seemed relevant yesterday when she was kicking my ass. She just lost some wave clear, she’s still a damn good harasser.

…That’s my play style for her in Story, OPs and PvP.

Prodigies are generally irrelevant in discussions like these. Not everyone should have to play hundreds of hours and devote many more to theorycrafting to be good, as well as lobbying to date the character (I’d play less Miko if that was true)

That’s always how I’ve played her, but now it doesn’t work as well as she has to be constantly attacking to harass now that her venom is out of the equation, and most of your time is spent lunging away, air stalling, or sliding, so that dot kept her relevant.

While the sarcastic tone of OP is peecievably unfortunate, I can’t disagree with them. Especially with how much fun she is to watch and play. Not necessarily kill though, many characters are more apt in that department. Even mentioned prodigies have been getting more assists these days.

Pinging @lequizachris. Eden will find her way here soon enough

People should be nervous when I’m swooping. I’m scheming murder up there. :wink:

I’ve been recording all my matches lately, and this particular comment reminded me of a kill from last night, so I dug it out. It’s not my finest hour: I was red bar, shooting recklessly, and missed a blade (inexplicably, because they were all fired on the same path). But it’s a nice visual way of showing how, in the absence of useful venom, you sometimes have to nudge matters along.

Never let them get away.

Mellka isn’t in a great place right now, but I’ve never shied away from having to play harder, even though this hotfix was gratuitously unfair and poorly thought-out. Take solace in the fact that she won’t get any more nerfs (probably) and that there is real respect right now for anyone who continues to live and die by the claw.

Your post was amusing and well-written, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


@EdenSophia Can we not get around Mellka being described in game as “easy” :wink:

I knew you’d go there. I knew it.

Reliable and consistent to a fault.

All the qualities that make me a magnificent teammate.


The height from that jump alone speaks volumes. How is somebody supposed to kill that?

It’s the Air Stall hang-time that really makes it magical. Every time I see a Mellka running Frag Canister, I feel like… well, you know when you see Kelvin who takes the slow on Sublimate? Yeah. That.


Lol I definitely know the feeling. I don’t see too many kelvins though.

Saw an enemy Kelvin die 17 times in one match yesterday and thought to myself “that guy should be embarrassment af right now.”

That slow should be changed to an AOE slow when kelvin enters and exits sublimate and sublimate should still keep the stun.
And chilling wind should increase sublimates movement speed even more to compensate for its opposition being a mass stun that now also slows.

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Another clip that’s perfect for “monkey see, monkey do” folks like me! Thanks!

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Yeah, except don’t miss a blade like I did… although I honestly don’t know why only two connected, because they all look on point to me. Maybe red bar ate one. This actually can happen (see also: Orendi Paradigm Shifts just not coming out, giving @Ginger_greninja a nervous breakdown)

More like how you timed your air stall to keep airborn so well

Just one of many magic Air Stall moments. I’d make a montage someday, except that’s a lot of effort when I could be killing things. :wink:

I also have footage of nullify causing orendi to have seizures.

No… Frag… Cannisters…

No… Slow… On… Sublimate…

Pen click. I feel like I learn a lot about characters I rarely play on here.

Many thanks for posting your video, it is really nice to see Mellka soaring through the air again and raining down death, even if I am not currently perpetrating any murderous acrobatics of my own (not that I ever played quite as stylishly as that). Thanks also for all of the things you have written about Mellka, they really helped as I was trying to learn how to play her (and still do, as I try to calculate my loss of dps through tear filled eyes, while desperately searching for any kind of solution).

I should probably start trying to come to terms with my loss and try to find new ways of playing as Mellka but I am still traumatised and in denial…

I shouldn’t worry, I am sure that the venom will be back any moment now… It has only been 10 days, 16 hours and 45 minutes since it was cruelly ripped away. It will come walking (err slithering?) in through the door and it will be like it never left… Together again. Like peanut butter and jelly, cops and doughnuts, Battleborn and nerfs…

Be brave now, and hold your hawk high as I tell you this, but I won’t be surprised if we never get our venom back. Don’t wait for it to return.

But understand that when Mellka loses something - her venom, her health, her accuracy, her homeworld and everyone she ever knew - she doesn’t wait for it to come back. She’s a realist. What’s gone is gone. She’s also a violent, furious realist. It’s never gonna come back… and somebody’s going to pay for that.

Make them pay. All of them. Even the nice ones.

This nerf sucks. So kill a freakin’ Benedict. This nerf is incredibly unfair. So blow up a friggin’ Galilea. How do we deal with this nerf? By increasing the body count. And when they nerf us again, because of all the chaos we’ve wreaked, you know what we do? You heard me the first time. Up. The. Body. Count.

Don’t give in to despair. Don’t think for a second that it’s over. Take it as a challenge.

Nerf me, Gearbox. ■■■■■■■ bring it.


The first one was to the right.