Mellka Helix power levels (game changers) Poll

I’m collecting data for a later post on BB characters. This is a multiple choice on which level helix makes the biggest power difference that you can see. IE: I see a big jump in my Oscar mike’s power when I hit level 2 and get the aoe effect. If I had to do one for OM it would be (2, 5 (to me the biggest game changer in choice), and 7). On this poll I would select 2,5,7 if this were for Oscar Mike(which I plan on doing one) again if anyone can help me build a better poll please give some advice. I’m allowing up to 4 picks which is very generous. I have polls on other BB so please check out their pages on here as well.

  • Helix 1
  • Helix 2
  • Helix 3
  • Helix 4
  • Helix 5
  • Helix 6
  • Helix 7
  • Helix 8
  • Helix 9
  • Helix 10

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I main Mellka and I’d say she does have exactly 4 major helix “game changers”. First at level 2, you get Parting Gift and that is such a integral part of her game; basically, Mellka is naked without it. The next major helix is level 5 where you can get health stacks which can give Mellka a 2,000 health pool with no help from gear. Of course, then comes level 8 where every bullet poisons and you get a 50% bigger clip, Mellka’s damage output just skyrockets. Lastly, I love the level 10 option to make her ult home in on poisoned targets, which then makes Mellka arguably the most dangerous assassin. It makes killing a jumping Thorn / Benedict or small nimble character so much easier, just tag them with a few bullets and then fire your Blade Launcher and DEAD :dukecheese:


These are the very same four I’d have mentioned too! The level 8 one deserves special acknowledgement - it’s a serious DPS increase, and it’s a huge utility boost too, as you can poison an entire enemy team and minion wave just by spraying bullets.

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This seems to be quite the trend then, I voted this way before reading anything haha

There’s a legendary that if you hit foes with anything it increases sheild base echarge rate from 5 to 8 seconds.
Combine that with her poison and they basically won’t be getting shields for like 13+ seconds.