Mellka Hidden Taunts

Anyone get any of her taunts other than the normal 3 she starts with? I’m wondering if it’s worth purchasing Eldrid loot boxes for taunts instead of Epic Loot box. I’m hoping for some videos or thorough explanations of her alternative taunts.


I’ve been buying eldrid loot packs exclusively since launch just for Mellka skins and taunts. Haven’t found a single taunt for her and only managed to find one skin. Unless you play a lot of Miko I wouldn’t recommend them as you’ll end up with a **** ton of bonus healing items.

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Lol, all right. Well, I don’t think I’ll be finding anything more useful for Mellka in the Epic boxes, but I still have lots of better gear I could get.

I got a taunt for her called gunslinger. She spins her gun around her finger, it’s pretty cool. Came in an Eldrid loot pack you can purchase. just purchase and open multiple packs at once.

I got this one in the beta. Also, by leveling up your command rank, you will occasionally get command packs for a certain faction, and those are guaranteed a skin and have a chance for a taunt in place of a skin. I think they also come with an epic piece of loot too.

She has another one where she does breakdancing. You can see it in the first few seconds of the launch trailer.
Never saw anyone having it though, but I really want that one.