Mellka Incursion Exploit?

Just played a game of incursion where the enemy Mellka hopped up on the railing near the first sentry on the side near the tunnel. It seems the sentry would not target her, regardless of her being in plain sight and clear shot. The thumper would shoot at her, but being such a small and quick target, she was not getting hit. It did not make it any easier that she was healed by alani any time she would be injured, but that is besides the point. Has anyone else seen this, or am I mistaken somehow?

This happened to me today as well, but a lot of air-mobile characters can climb that edge.
(Hell even non mobile characters like Isic, who i learned today can somehow use plasma dash to get over the edge lol)

So that’s honestly just a side way to get in via mobile characters if thats what you mean.

But yeah it is an exploit-ish thing that sentry’s can’t hit them or rarely target them.
It’s an issue that needs to be fixed, if its 1v1 a sentry should be able to beat them, or atleast hit them hard enough to where it isnt worth going that way Just to attack a sentry while your whole team is losing.

Honestly its a cheap tactic in hoping you can get some damage to a sentrys health to eek out a win for your team.

people have brought up other characters doing this, and its been suggested that the sentry should be able to hit anyone currently damaging it.
Like maybe and air lazer it lauches if it’s being hit by a singular enemy.
(This attack in my opinion should require a few seconds of charging on the sentrys part, similar to Wolfs charge in episode 2 when he does his ground pound-ish move)

Oh yeah, I know most mobile characters can get up there, but I have only ever used that spot for escapes or entrances. I figured that would be a horrible place to go for the sentry considering it is literally in plain view of it. If or when it does get fixed, I do hope they don’t remove it all together. It is a legitimate route in and out, but it is a bit silly one can just sit of there and whittle the sentry to death.

yeah, I use it to escape and don’t think i’ve ever used that area to move offensively.
It is something thats gonna need some correcting, but I doubt they’d removing it completely.

Like i said probable solution is a sentry buff to hit a hidden target attacking it