Mellka is an amazing character, there's one glaring issue though

Her level 8 Helix options are so good that it’s actually a problem, there are 3 different choices that I personally feel my Mellka would work well with but they are all piled onto one level and it’s a rather late level at that. It’s not uncommon for a match to end just as I am hitting level 8.

This is also a lesser issue with Mellka’s level 5 Helix choices, I won’t go into deep details about proposing what should be swapped with what but I feel that Mellka’s level 3, 4, and 9 Helix choices are all lacking so perhaps some of these should be swapped around with the phenomenal choices we have at Level 8 and 5?

That’s kind of the point. If all of her good helix choices were separate, she could grab all of them and roflstomp everyone. You have to make a tactical decision which one you need. That’d be like letting OM get his napalm and mirv grenades at the same time.

That’s not true at all, it’s fine to have two really good options on one level but 3 is to much. Even if you had all 3 of those abilities you aren’t unstoppable by any means but I agree having all 3 would be a bit overpowered, I’d like to see at least one moved off of level 8 though.

You also have to keep in mind that the levels I’m saying are underwhelming are VERY underwhelming to the point they’re almost never used.

Mellka is a character that (from my experience) seems to be based on her lategame. At levels 5 and 8, she gets massive powerspikes that make her a really strong character and make up for her underwhelming early game, which is most likely intentional. If she had one of her level 8 upgrades moved down, she’d immediately become stronger because she can access power both in greater quantities and sooner. Nigh every lategame character has this. This happens to Attikus at levels 1 and 2 where they’re all kinda meh choices, and Whiskey Foxtrot at levels 3 and 5. It’s on purpose.

I agree but she isn’t limited to late game at all in this case, she’s decent throughout in the right hands but adding 4 seconds to venom at an earlier level won’t put her over the top, you’re looking at adding 44-48 more damage on a pretty tame DoT. That’s the mutation in her case and would probably be best placed else where, it’s a good helix but giving up venom clips for it or 30% Movespeed is not going to happen.
The mutation may as well not be there if you won’t ever have a scenario in which you should get it over the other two.

None of them are ‘limited’ to lategame, but their early game is below average and their lategame is above average. And in regards to the mutation being bad, that’s the case for tone of them. I know for a fact I will never make WF’s skill deal more damage to shields as opposed to slowing or knocking back. I know for a fact I’d rather Marquis’ passive proc in two hits then make it penetrate shields. Sometimes there are bad options.

That’s where balance comes into play, these choices aren’t meant to be lesser versions of each other. If something should be changed we need to say something. These Helix options are all meant to cater to different play styles but if you have two choices on the same ability that do similar things, but one far out weighs the other, then it’s an issue that should be brought to notice.

It’s not okay just because select other characters have the same issue, I don’t think any character was designed with Helix’s in mind that they didn’t want anyone to use.

And Boldur’s level 10 helix should move to level 5-6 lol.

Level 10 Helix’s are all linked to ultimate abilities, which is obviously intended.