Mellka is fine, more than fine maybe?

The enemy Mellka near enough carried the enemy team. As phoebe she disorientated me. Maybe I’m just…a bad phoebe? Her damage was really good and her evasiveness got me every time. She was in melee range but she spun around me that much that I couldn’t finish her before she finished me. Our Ghalt was a new player.

Side note. I don’t know if it’s the FPS increase but Phoebe feels much better now. The experience as melee from her point of view is much more solid. Kills were a little easier to secure and it was easier to keep track of enemies (apart from Mellka obviously)


That’s one of the best Mell players on PS4. It’s like getting beaten by h0h0’s Dragon.



Also could we please get a little context here? What were your command ranks? What were theirs? Do you have any idea why your team fed so hard (yeah, blunt, but that’s what the scoreboard says without any more info)?

And why didn’t your Mellka step up their game, if Mellka is maybe “more than fine”?

It’s so hard to have any kind of discussion through so much noise…


I can make Miko look over powered if I’m up against a team that feeds me like that too.


OH! Hi there! Hi Eden I am a pissed off Eldrid I’m still using her >_> sorry I haven’t replied through msgs
Yes Mellka is my main haha


I remember going 23-2 with WF before he ever got buffed. That didn’t stop him from being subpar. What is this suppose to prove exactly?

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Also yes what were their ranks? Your team that is

Looking more into this, that Ghalt didn’t even have a gear load out and one of your Mellkas was running Shield Pen. Clearly not the most experienced players.

Foxtrot’s fine, he far from subpar. But that’s not saying much since all other ranged attackers suck aside from Benedict and Orendi.

I was typing exactly that in regards to my Miko and then I read your comment…

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I don’t know ranks exactly, I’m mostly referring to the way the Mellka managed to take me out so well. But there’s a few reasons as to why I performed like that and why she performed like that. I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m just saying that she didn’t exactly look under powered when she stomped me >.>

Miko is my second main.

And to be honest, it doesn’t even matter what their ranks are. CR isn’t a reliable way to determine skill. I once got an 11 player kill streak with my Miko against a full team of 105s. I’m not that good with, they were just that bad.


Truth is, I’ll be stomping hard af with Mell at every chance I get tonight too. Red bar permitting.

Oh I know he’s definitely fine right now. I’m talking about the WF we had months ago before before he received any changes.


Found the screen shot.


Still a pissed off Eldrid


Oh, never mind.

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I posted a statistics screenshot on the PSN chat earlier today, where i went 15/0 with Toby in roughly eight or nine minutes, against a group of new players; i probably could have doubled that if we didn’t push out of guilt (we surrendered at 100/0 out of guilt as well). Doesn’t mean Toby is overpowered; they just didn’t take pains to avoid my shots…

EDIT: Plus, as anyone who has played with me can attest, i’m FAR from being elite; so i can EASILY see someone who IS an elite, like @lequizachris, do this well with a hobbled Mellka.

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Since Droolzilla is just casually one of the best BB players on ps4, and the two Mellkas are your team did nothing for the team based on this screenshot, I’d have to say that this post doesn’t really make her seems fine, and certainly not more than fine.


The Mellka’s didn’t have much of a presence on my team. Our Ghalt also disconnected but rejoined. The match was tipped in the opposing teams favour I guess. Still, just trying to be positive about the whole nerf situation. Also after hearing about how good the Mellka player was, that threw the argument off also. The intention of the post was to try and be positive about all this but…it’s not much to go off obviously >.>

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