Mellka Legendary Weak?

Title pretty much says it all I love the secondary stats on it, but I really don’t think that the active adds much given that you have to melee in order to get the reload. a augment i would like would be getting stacks of reload at a high percentage which would let her burst for 5 reloads, rather than one super quick reload after 5 melee hits.

Its useful-ish if you unload your clip, blade dash and then use her secondary, but I found her reload speed to be pretty low already. I’d like to see something that increases venom damage or adds to the damage from the canister hit, personally.


I would prefer that as well, i just don’t want to be the retch that asks for a rework 2 weeks before launch :slight_smile:

its good, cover benedict with venom and get the homing helix for mellka’s ultimate
its like shooting down a duck.