Mellka melee question

I have a question for all the avid mellka players out there. I noticed today that her melee is different when in the air and it appears to do about 100 damage a hit without venom and seems to maybe have a slight knockback. If you time your jump right you can continuously use this melee. so my question is, is this common knowledge and I was just out of the loop? Would this potentially raise the melees dps to usable levels?

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Is it possible that it is Air Stall you are seeing? Helix choice that makes her melee move her back and does more damage

no its her normal melee not quick melee

specifically the action uses her elbow

Then I shall leave this on to the experts.

Yes, her quick melee is different when she’s in the air. Unfortunately, the “elbow slap” doesn’t combo and isn’t fast enough to raise her DPS so it’s comparable to her bullets. You’re still better off spraying bullets and using venom + spike to kill targets.

HOWEVER, it’s a great finisher since it has a slightly extended hitbox iirc, and you get mad style points for every kill with it.

The flying elbow melee is common knowledge, yes. :slight_smile: Its damage numbers are included in my guide a few topics down.

It is functionally identical to her quick melee in terms of knock back and damage, including the same diminishing returns on KB, but it doesn’t gain the damage benefit from Air Stall. It does, however, continue being useful as a replacement quick melee once you take AS and are in a situation where you want the KB without the bounceback (on a thin perch, for example, when sending a Benedict down into lane.)

It can be chained as you say and gains the +15% venom damage amp, and has a long hitbox so is actually very good to throw out after a Spike or to take down a venomed Varelsi or Shepherd (the crits are very nice, better than wasting Lunge on a mob imho.) But chaining it produces no more DPS than chaining her quick melee, which is already one of the lowest damage quick melees.

My advice is don’t chain it, but do use it once you take Air Stall, as it’s important to have a quick, reasonably damaging KB that doesn’t use up your AS timer or move you when your intention is not to be moved.


Yep, it’s decently well known. And awesome. I believe it’s clear she went through more iterations then most characters in the game, as she has more unique animations than most anyone else

Any time I see a panicked Kleese doing that tragic floaty escape, it’s time to get me a snazzy elbow kill. :grin:

I don’t have any PvP kills with it, BUT I did finish off Rendain with it once. I had to explain to my friend that I was dying of laughter because I just elbowed the Big Boss Evil to his grave.

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I’d have flying elbow kills in the hundreds, and no regrets, haha. I always get multiple kills with melee in a match of any decent length - for all that Mell’s melee is terrible, if I have the chance to kill say a Rath in hand-to-hand combat, I cannot resist doing it just to crush their ego. :wink:

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Not anymore, rip mellka’s Scientific side. Seems like she doesn’t know how to make venom anymore.