Mellka Montage [F*** You]

It took me awhile to learn that Mellka is almost completely about positioning on a micro level. You have to know instantly when an enemy is out of position and take full advantage of it. For example, on Overgrowth, when you see a player go behind the middle lightning turret to get shards or whatever, go and look them in that area and take them out. A lot of my kills in the video comes from moving behind an enemy to get in melee hits.


@EdenSophia how good is this!!


Love seeing this girl in action. I actually play Mellka very differently to this - I’m all vertical, all the time, and get more air time than Benedict (I’m a pro now at aiming grenades while practically upside down!) I can only melee effectively on the rare times I get a game without serious latency, which as an Australian Mellka is a tragically rare thing. :frowning:

She definitely rewards hunting behind enemy lines. I used to love stealing the enemy shard in Overgrowth (before they removed it) and sometimes I’d catch somebody healing or gathering up there. Many, many evil KOs were earned that way!


Great stuff.

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That was great!

Problem with mellka is many people can do good yet not really play mellka I hate it when mellka just spams her grenades though and she is one of my favorites

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The key with Mellka is immediately identifying when an opponent is just out of position to where you can get behind them and stop their escape.