Mellka not-quite-glitch but an 'issue'

First off, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some sort of glitch megathread at some point, but can’t find it atm, possibly because I’m on mobile. Feel free to move this where it needs to go.

Anyway, so those of you who know me probably know I live outside of city limits with satellite internet which = consistantly high ping. Normally it makes doubles jumps, sublimations, and other such mobility related actions jarring, but still playable.

However, it appears to have another unintended consequence that I didnt attribute to my internet until playing with some of you today who pointed out the possible correlation.

I never played mellka outside of the prologue because i couldnt get her venom canister/reload to be reliable enough to know if i would be shooting or firing another venom canister.

You’re probably confused by my statement.

When i play mellka, once i first empty her magazine, my ping seems to be long enough that my game fires another venom canister before flashing a full mag, which then reacts to the now second fired canister and promptly empties again. ie i basically fire non stop venom except about once every 30 secs or so ill get lucky and get bullets before the cycle repeats :stuck_out_tongue:

like i said, not really a glitch so much as a weird issue. and i totally thought it was something i was doing wrong with mellka this whole time :stuck_out_tongue:

happens on ps4 and pc, mouse and controller :slight_smile:

Put in a support ticket, max out reload speed, and scare everyone.

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