Mellka Poison question

So I am just wondering if Mellka’s Poison is consider a “Skill” and if so does Skill Dmg item boost it’s dmg? Same with the reload.

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I made a thread about Tooltips and such because of questions like this. I think since it falls under her passive, it’s a skill. I might test that tomorrow, use a skill set, face bots, then use an atk set and do the same. But if anyone else knows, that’d be awesome. :slight_smile:

They need a training room type thing so we can test this out.


Yeah. We’re only into the second month though, have patience young padawan. :wink:

Honestly I hope they do something to get the Population of the game up.

…I’m currently running tests with Mellka and did notice on turrets in Story mode a dmg mod does make a diff when the guns acid nade hits the turret.
You can probably test this better in PvP since those turrets are easier to run tests on.

How you run tests is vs bots. I just don’t wanna waste time before work testing things :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you play vs bots?
Nevermind, private match, derp.

Mellka’s poison is considered skill dmg as well as thorn’s extra curse dmg and Marquis’s bonus ein zwei die dmg

Ok so. “Skill Dmg” items will boost it’s Dmg then.
Cool, thank you.

Can we get a definitive answer to this?

If the question is how to test with bots:

  1. In the main menu - Versus Private
  2. Click the menu button that shows next saying there will be a Short wait.
  3. Bots on Team1, Fill. (This is your team)
  4. Bots on Team2, 1 (Just one bot to test with)
  5. Choose map: Take them all, one by one, whichever one you want to test on.

When the match starts you will have 4 bots on your team, the enemy team will be one bot.

I think it d be cool if there were indicators that popped up when gear was activated and being used. Along with the number of stacks, if the gear had stacks.

I know some people don’t like clogging up the screen but it doesn’t bother me as long as the stuff on the screen is useful. Like I said I prefer it. The more info the better. You could even have the option to remove said information.


Yes, Unreal Tournament style :smile:

Only skill damage affects it. I ran the test with:

Pugilist’s Golemic Sigil

  • +7.00% skill damage
    +4.20% skill damage for 3 seconds after taking health damage

Pugilist’s Aelfin Warblade

  • +9.39% Attack Speed (in case it would increase tic speed and add more ticks)
    +5.36% Attack Speed for 3 seconds after taking health damage

Eviscerating Endoskeletal Graft

  • +9.65% Attack damage
    +5.52% Attack speed

My results at level one were:

Base poison damage => 12 per tick

With Sigil => 13 per tick

With Sigil (Health damage) => 14 per tick

The other gear had no effect.

@DonnyD_ There’s your definitive answer.

Edit: I decided to run the test again, but stack up on skill damage. My skill damage boost values were:


At level one I was able to get a 15 damage tick, but only once. Up to level 4 was the same as previous testing. I was playing Meltdown, so the match finished really quickly. Couldn’t accurately test past level 4. But it appears that stacking bonuses is not a god idea. However, Attack speed doesn’t seem to be terribly affected.

Final Edit: I ran the test one final time with gear pieces that all increased my attack damage and the poison damage was not affected.


Look at this guy, being awesome and what not. Thanks man. You are a true badass.

If you create a Private mission on The Algorithm, you have minions, Snipers, Ronin and Henchman all within a very short period. Excellent to test stuff out, and quick to initiate without mucking up others multiplayer missions. I’ve been testing some Isic stuff there this morning.

Nice post. :smile:

huh… attack damage increased mine when I tested it. Now I’ll have to retry it. >.>

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I ran a similar test to yours and can confirm your numbers up to lvl 4. I took it all the way to lvl 10 and can confirm that it does scale but it’s non linear. At lvl 10 w/o skill dmg gear u get 16 dmg/sec but the max you can get is 18 dmg/sec. Therefore you are correct, skill dmg stacking isn’t worth it on Mellka. Please note, the 16 dmg/sec limit kicks in at lvl 8.

Finally, I am not sure if, when referring to attack speed, you meant to say effective or you really do mean affected. Because if it is affected I don’t see how skill dmg stacking would affect attack speed. On the other hand, if you mean effective, there is a skill in her helix that is significantly enhanced by increased attack speed, Refined Canisters. Because EVERY shot poisons the more shots fired (and hits the target of course) means the more poison damage dealt, in addition to the bullet damage.

I was seeing if attack speed would cause faster dot ticks, causing more ticks during the poison duration.