Mellka Question (why is she good)

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Okay, so I played the beta a lot, so I was a little bummed that I had to play the tutorial to start this game.
Then, playing Melka, I hated everything about her kit. Seemed so counterintuitive. I kinda swore off playing her online.
That leads me to my question: I’ve seen a few people kick ass with her, and I still can’t understand how she plays? Can someone explain her basics to me, because she seems like a ranged character with Melee abilities which makes no sense to me.

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I hated Melka in the prologue. Learned how to play her later, and loved her. She is as the game labeled her as: an assassin. Her secondary melee is strong, but only on an envenomed target, and most of the time you do not want to be in melee range of the target. You’ll have a way easier time killing from close-mid range. I’ll give you a build a bit later when I have time.



I personally love her. I use poison from the reload canisters to keep damage on enemies so that they cannot get their shield regen. Obviously her damage is not insane so I do not try to go face to face with enemies early on. Her spike is great for damage as well as getting out of sticky situations, and poisoning enemies. Her strength seems to lie in the poison. She also has the ability to poison her bullets, which is where she becomes a bit insane, for one, she has amazing mobility, so at this point I find myself chasing enemies and keep pelting them with bullets and poison, and it works quite well. I would recommend focusing on poison rather than her melee (I use it to make escapes and thats about it) and just keep that damage going.


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^^ What he said

She’s a slow burn character (most ranged characters will be) you just keep hitting someone with poison and pop shots an wearing them down, while being evasive, tiny, and hard to hit.

For a lot of people they don’t like the gradual wear-down you have to do with a true ranged character, which is why most people want to play Rath, or Marquis.

Duck and dodge and wear them down.



Her venom canister reload is great early game used as a mini DoT grenade that effectively has no CD. Tap the fire button, then reload. Rinse and repeat. Keep track of the fall off in it though as it doesn’t shoot very far if you’re aiming straight. I like to surprise enemies at a distance by aiming up high and getting it to hit from much much further away than expected.

Use spike defensively with slow helix, and I go for the venom AoE helix to help wave clear but the extra height isn’t a bad option either. Claw lunge with a knockback effect helps keeps any melee/tank off your tail.

If you find yourself on the back foot, surrounded, and skills on CD then melee. Anyone that close should be very much envenomated and will take extra damage by her offhand melee, and you should be able to clear a path for retreat or get the kill. If you’re in that position and your enemies AREN’T envenomated then you have failed as Mellka and are going to die.

She’ll never get the most player kills but she’ll usually top the minions and/or assists. Definitely a character built around being part of a team but still a powerful one in the right hands


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I just posted my main guide for her if you’re interested in learning her more. I got my Master of Mellka title in a little under a week and hope to see more people achieve it!

Mellka’s really tough to learn for exactly the reason you explained. She has some conflicting abilities going on! That being said, it makes her flexible and when she’s in combat she has a “combo”-esque style to her. Especially once she gets her ultimate. Nades and venom bullets (when you get the upgrade) are excellent tools to poke the enemy with. Combined with a quick reload time, you can just keep peppering the opponent; whittling down their shields and HP. Even though she’s an assassin she is a team player being able to set up kills and to just be a distraction to your opponent.

The best Mellka’s are the ones who have knowledgable/experienced players behind the wheel. Mellka’s more about knowing your opponents abilities and reading when you can take advantage of a situation. She excels at mid-close range harassment and has the mobility to be able to assassinate squishies when the opportunity presents itself. Thanks to her Lunge and Spike she can get around the map in interesting ways and as long as they’re off cooldown, can usually be her “get out of jail” card if things go south.

Even though she’s labeled as “Easy” in-game, I find she was quite hard to play properly but she is MIGHTY rewarding when that happens :slight_smile:

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Malkas abilities aren’t bad escape moves but they’re bring amazing apart from her ultimate which is refuvulous, it’s her damage over time that make her rediculous. Shes only really good with support, on her own it’s pretty damn hard.

I’ve nearly mastered Melka that’s how much I’ve enjoyed playing her :joy:


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I consider a high dmg character over a period of time, i have her at rank 8 right now. In the early game she starts off slow, but late game when you get those venom bullets, she’s the greatest slow burn character ever. Her lunge( some consider it lackluster) honestly i think her lunge is a better escape and follow up ability than a dmg output. Sometimes when I’m in a tough spot playing as melba i just aim the camera at an angle of my choice and she can literally fly out of a tight spot. And whenever other players think they can box you to death before you can take them out i save my ult until the last second and just let those three shots rip in their faces.

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are you sure, i constantly go games with 8 kills or more and less than three deaths always, My best game was 18/2.


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She’s my new favourite, I sonetines use the r1 as a finisher especially with the DoT


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She is fine on her own. I average 3.5 k/d with her, usually without support. Tend to get 10-20 kills a match playing her more as an assassin than slow wear. While she is very capable of slow wear, the truely scary thing about her is that when her jump has both the poison and 15%damage boost helixes, it does more damage than many ults including her own(unless you do+790 helix). Follow the jump with a claw lunge on the now envenomated enemy and she does serious burst damage. Not to mention her ability to escape and do damage at the same time makes her one of the best hit and run charactets, regardless of whether or not you have a support.


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I just had my first go with her and though it went well as i topped the scoreboard for kills/least deaths etc it kinda confused me as to what role she is supposed to fulfill.




Except tank. And sniper.


Seriously, she has great versatility. I like to use her as a support damage. Push back any enemies trying to flank the front line, shoot venom canisters into the fray to add DoT to minion waves and enemy players. I find I can hold lanes pretty well when I need to. Keep her on the move; the stairs are a great vantage point to rain down venom but don’t stay long enough for Marquis to notice you, the room on the opposite side is great for flanking their front line and flushing out enemies flanking. If you’ve pushed up to their first sentry, I like to focus on lobbing venom up onto their stairs from below to keep them from getting too comfortable. You can usually guarantee they’ll try to shoot down from up there at that stage. I don’t go off on my own but will generally follow anyone else heading off to a 1v1 or to engage thralls on their own. I have a 0 activation cost +265 health so I can focus on building early to help level up consistently. After level 8 and applying venom to your bullets you can pretty much face down most 1v1 scenarios between the DoT and her agility.

I’ve seen people focusing on her offhand melee though and playing completely different to me so it’s really how you best fit into your team and what they’re doing. She’s the kind of character that needs to follow the direction of the team rather than leading it and she has the versatility to be what and where she is needed


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Personally I play her as a bit of an assassin. I tend to try and get behind enemy lines and wreak some havoc. She can be a tolerable pusher if needed but I don’t see it as her primary role.

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I’ve just started experimenting with Mellka and have found her play style very, very refreshing. Personally, I stay away from the reload spamming that she can achieve and instead, I go full out attack speed. The current gear I have with her makes it so a melee attack will increase her attack speed by 11-ish% (the gear is stacked) and that can cause some real problems for the enemy team.

Her DPS is now higher, but she also has her knock up within her melee cycle. Include all that attack speed and you can start to juggle enemies through that and allow your team to get an easy-ish kill. However, I did just unlock her legendary item and I am now working towards a reload build for her. Any suggestions?


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Agreed. I am consistently top kills and lowest (or low) deaths. Mellka can easily get the most kills. She is a beast and with support she is unstoppable.

Edit: And I normally perform moderately. I’ve never excelled in PvP in this game, but I unlocked Mellka and topped the scoreboard with my first game with her, no idea how… it just happened. And I consistently get top kills with her, which is something I had stopped pursuing with this game.



I’ve never played her, but she damn near always gets the most kills whenever I see her, and I can safely say, that poison is nuts. Feels like she gets a near guaranteed kill when engaging a big body (#AttikusWoes).


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Yeah, I really like killing big bodies with her, easy venom targets haha. I’ve killed Montana and Attikus with her reliably. I can kill a Montana all by myself because she is so damn slippery with her abilities.

She has TWO abilities that damage AND move her. She is so damn hard to keep track of because she is always moving and always dealing damage.


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Is she any good in pve? I’ve tried different styles with her but seems very squishy. Best I’ve done is spamming venom from a distance and using claw if they get close. Spike if I’m surrounded as escape. She cannot rush in and get kills with her claw ability, seems better as a close range option if enemies happen to be within range.


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In PvE her spike is her biggest weapon, get the helix that applies poison to nearby enemies, run into them spike and then claw strike into the air and she is flying across the map like superwoman leaving a trail of poison in her wake… I’ve mastered Mellka and she is by far my favourite character to play with, her agility is just so good… Little squishy early game but with health stack + regens and either attack DMG or reload speed, she is a beast in PvE and PvP