Mellka Rework Hopes and Dreams?

With Mellka being on the list of characters “getting some love” in the most recent Battleplan, what direction or changes are you hoping to see with Mellka?

I would personally like to see Mellka become more of an executer. Possibly have her skills be a combination of %health damage and low health execution skills (enemy health goes down, mellka damage goes up). I also wouldn’t mind seeing an option for Mellka to be able to use Spike as a cleanse, even from stun, maybe even have it apply the cc that is on her to whatever she hits with the spike.

I would also like to see her ult changed so that it’s less cumbersome to use on console. Having it set to triangle makes it very hard to aim since your thumb can’t aim and press triangle at the same time. Her ult loses a lot of damage if you don’t hit every shot and also only affects one target at a time. I would either like to see it detonate in a small aoe on impact or have the homing on poison be a stock feature that prioritizes battleborn.

Ps ps!! You can use r2 to fire any skill!! Press triangle or Y then r2


I use quick casting for faster reaction times and it gets me caught up less.

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Try the other way, you will like it :wink: of you need to fast cast just tap. You get better control over your skills.

Mellka’s ult is the only skill in the game where this is an issue due to the odd delay of the hits and the need to track your target so vigorously. You don’t lose any accuracy using quick casting and the speed you gain from it will help more than it will hurt. Her ult isn’t so good either that I would change my controls to a, in my opinion, worse configuration just so it’s slightly easier to use.

Mellka being my main is to get rid of a bunch of her useless helix choices and replacing them. Lv4 are all pretty underwhelming. Although I feel pretty satisfied with how she is now but she definitely needs a buff on hp.
I’m hoping they work with the things Sant and Eden provided with potential changes. I would provide the things I want but it’ll make her OP lol :frowning:


My biggest hope for Melka is that when the game quits due to a person quitting right before character select, she is no longer the default character on the main screen afterwards. Every time I see her after it happens, I am like “Ew, get this Eldrid Freak off my screen”…

Honestly, I have not played much with her, as she seems to be one of those characters that needs to jump around a lot to be effective. I haven’t enjoyed a jumping character since the runner alien in AVP2 back in the day.


Jumping around is bad… It makes you an easy target.

What it needs is coordination to keep track of your enemy after a spike and airstall to confuse an enemy while you shoot and crit its head, the use of clawlunge to escape before is to late is crucial.

Melka is less skill (l1r1) based character and more r2 l2. She needs good accuracy and tracking.

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With few exceptions (marquis bugs me the most) using quick activation you have as good or better reaction and control than you would with standard activation. A single tap to fire or you can hold to aim in most cases. Having less steps makes it inherently faster.


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Ahhh, The Eldrid Freak is back. Gross.