Mellka´s Wings - I need a bit help crafting them


So, there are several bigger Battleborn-projects on my list. The both biggest may be Benedicts wings and Mellkas wings as wearable lifesize costume accessoires.

For Benny I´ve enough reference material to start anytime, but I lack a good picture of Mell´s venom wings :sob:
Google was not helpfull so far and since I´m on XB1 I cannot make proper screenshots myself.

Has anyone of you guys a good screenshot? stares at @EdenSophia :heart:

@JoeKGBX you´re most close to the source, can you help me?


Hey @Ganjamira- I can doing a little digging for you, but I’m not sure what we might have if anything.

Do you have the capability to take screenshots? If so, that would be your best bet of course. That way, you’d be able to get any angle you needed.

Still, I’ll take a look around and see what I can come up with.

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Thats superkind of you, thanks alot! :heart:
And no stress, if theres no reference-picture i´ll just go into private match and jump once in a while to memorize the details.

Sadly making screenshots on the XB1 is quiet tricky, thats why I hoped to find a PC-player who´s into Mellka^^

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I checked and the few images I have are pretty basic. Sorry about that! :frowning:

I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted or not helpful, It was difficult to get these. So I hope they were a bit of what you were looking for and a bit helpful to you in your endeavors.


I LOVE YOU!!! :heart:
These are perfect, exactly what I need! :heart_eyes: Thanks a ton for the time you put into making them, I really appreciate it!!!

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No problem. Glad I could help. Good luck with your project.

I actually want to see what becomes of this :heart_eyes:

It would be great if all the characters got the proper cosplay reference treatment but I have a feeling that might be off the cards atm. :confused:

Putting together a 3d model/animation viewer for characters is something I have had some success with for one of my unfinished Borderlands 2 projects, but its a tad bit more complicated doing the same with Battleborn and I just haven’t got round to exploring what I can actually put together to aid in fan creation projects such as this. Maybe one day!

The better the reference, the more awesome your creations will be right? :heart: