Mellka ticks for days

So this amazing thing happened last night.

I was trying out Montana and thought i might gear him up for tank stuff. I was walking around with 3k HP and a sick amount of shield and overshield. He was like a Jugger., or at least thats what it felt like.

Anyway, i started a game on incursion and noticed one of my opponents was Mellka. Just as she threw that poison thing over me the door rang!. So i went there, answered the door, welcomed my friend in, had a cofee with him and when i got back the dot was still ticking! Nothing to worry about, still at 1.5 k HP, no shield but meh. So we kept chatting and chatting and when i got back it was still ticking till it killed me!

2k Shields + 3k Health + some health regen, but Mellka…

My point is, please fix it as soon as possible…That dot ticks for days. Thank you.

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It’s been mentioned that Melka’s DoT will have a reduced duration with increased damage per tick to compensate. I believe this change is coming in the next big patch.

Oh, I took it as sarcasm since there’s a lot of that in these forums.

If anyone comes across any bugs like this then be sure to report it to Gearbox Support to ensure that it gets looked over since not every thread here gets read by them.

It was sarcasm.

I like being right :slight_smile:

Like I said, that change should be coming soon. I don’t know when that patch will hit but it’s supposed to be in this month.

  1. 2K shields? How did you get that much?
  2. Were you still in combat? It would be reasonable for her to reapply it, or late level she can do it at very long distance.


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