Mellka tips and advice

okay, I started playing mellka yesterday and absolutely love her character, but i’m wondering how people use her? I normally play with a team so talking about her role(s) would be useful for me as well since I seem to play her as an annoyance/ venom everything character but no more even though I’ve seen other mellka destroy me.

so any tips would be appreciated thank you

edit: I have looked at guides including so I have a basic understanding but no more than that

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Basically grab a shield, skill damage, and shards/attack speed/movement speed. Then zip from battle to battle bursting people down from half health, killing buildables, and clearing minions. Be everywhere, your goal is not to kill people but to be the .5 that turns a 1 v 1. Except you can be a .5 in 4 different battles with your dots, speed, and high damage output. At level 7 tag everything for the assist exp to get to 10 faster. Melee only against fast targets.

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thanks for the advice I think this will affect my game a lot more now!

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Glad to help! Sadly I’m not the absolute greatest with her, but I have a decent handle on her I think. One sec, a little help @EdenSophia ?

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Also severely interested in melka tips. Always seen really good melkas with double digit kills but I can’t seem to melka worth a damn. Just couldn’t quite figure out how to be that harasser I always see. The canister spraying seems smart and hadn’t tried that yet

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i did find out one thing if you feel like goofing around(my play group tries all sorts of weird things) take a loadout of nothing but shield pen effects and use bunker buster as one of the iteams(legendary where the secondary effect is to deal bonus damage to shields equal to shield pen rating) and then any venom damage will deal an extra 40 shield damage per tick.

past that i’m in the same position as you

I’ve put more hours into Mellka than I have all the other characters combined, but almost all of that was before the big patch that tweaked her venom.

I’ll just throw out some thoughts…

I feel Mellka’s helixes are pretty obvious at most levels - Spike over Lunge, every time. You can get some pretty stylish finishing hits with Lunge (flying into Dreadwind to finish Rath is my personal favorite), but most of your Lunge usages are going to be targeted at the sky, not at enemy Battleborn. As an escape, it’s perfect right out of the box. Spike, on the other hand, is pretty average from the outset, and only turns into a stellar ability through helix upgrades (+slow, +venom, +radius, +damage)

I don’t take a shield on Mellka for a couple of reasons. One, if you stay mobile, she’s the hardest Eldrid to land a crit on anyway. Two, if you take a shield item, you forfeit taking -shield items for cheap activations. Three (and most importantly to me), it doesn’t gel with how I play her. Mellka is all about applying intense pressure and then escaping in a heartbeat. She doesn’t need a shield to do this - in fact, she benefits from not having to worry about shield recharge herself. You want to be able to relentlessly bounce in and out of battle while they’re worrying about their shields.

Level 3 is actually a huge play-style decision, and worth thinking hard over. If you go with Frag Canisters, you give up the ability to lob precise canisters across the map, but your wave clear improves markedly and you can venom people more easily up close. Air Stall is fantastic against melee, but more importantly, you keep the ability to land venom on people at great distances. (If I’m not being clear: the basic canister has a much longer range than the AE helix one.) Once you get the trajectory of that canister figured out, you can freak people out by dropping venom on them from a distance well before you hit L8. A great way to harass/terrify a sniper or support that you don’t dare get physically close to.

Always use your Claw Lunge hang-time as an opportunity to toss a grenade. Spin in the air, spot a target, let loose. If you have frag grenades, aim beneath you and catch whatever you escaped from; if you have the regular canister, try to hit a stationary target. It takes practice, but landing grenades while gracefully soaring through the skies is the Mellka way. (Birds are overrated!)

I always take the right helix on five. The health stacks make a considerable difference. I also always take the seeking helix at ten. Tag with venom bullet > guaranteed finish with Blade Launcher = endgame kiling sprees. Mellka is one of the more frightening characters at L10. Not quite Orendi, but still a murder machine. Items that add to +attack speed pay off extra at level 8. At this point, though, you’re probably past needing tips. Just lay waste!

Her melee combo: use it when they’re in range, but stop meleeing the moment they aren’t - never chase in order to claw. Melee can increase your damage if you use it to extend your damage chain prior to having to reload (you preserve a few bullets to fire at them once they’re out of range, basically.) Otherwise, it lowers your DPS. Ideally, envenomate first, but keep in mind that people run when they’re venomed. Don’t chase them thinking that the melee damage bonus is worth it. Just open fire. You have a badass gun for a reason.

For all the talk of Mellka being a skirmisher and harasser, she is a legitimate assassin, once you get the hang of landing every hit with Blade Launcher. Don’t get into the trap of imagining yourself to be an annoyance and nothing more. One-on-one, Mellka has the tools, mobility, and damage to dispatch most Battleborn. You do have to be careful around CC heavy characters like Gali, but don’t Claw Lunge out prematurely - if you stick around, you may prove to be the last one standing. Also, be sure to feast on anyone who tries to perch (especially in Monuments.) Many people still don’t realize how far Mellka can lunge.

I’ll leave it at that for now, and let some other Mellka obsessives chime in :wink:


thank you for the very informative post!

…Well stated thoughts! :sunny:

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Personally I roam with her but I try to have good health regen so my loadout with her is song of vigor,vyn’s quiver,and sybiotic gauntlet I know u have pacifier so I would use that in place of symbiotic gauntlet also you can check out kiratze’s guide too her it is a very solid and amazing guide

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I’ve been running 0 cost shard gen, mini singularity launcher, and bola’s target finder with pretty good results considering I’m garbage at her technique still haha.

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thank you all for the tips, you gave me a lot of ideas!

Started trying out Melka and she seems like a fun character. Had a few questions, saw this thread, and figured I would drop them here (Hooray for not makin another thread of something that is already around!).

1.) Correct me if I am wrong, but at level 4, you get the helix options of: (Left) Shoot a blade at the end of Blade Lunge. (Right) Bounce back if you hit someone with Blade Lunge. (Mutation) Instantly reload your machine pistol when using Blade Lunge. The question is, is there a choice that is consider “better” or I’d this a completely “Based on Playstyle” sort of choice?

2.) I understand gear is very playstyle dependant and it is best to try out a lot of different combinations, but are there any stats that are encouraged to increase such as skill damage or movement speed or sprint speed or even HP?

Any explanations beyond a flat 2 or 5 word answer for each question would be appreciated, but this isn’t school or something and I will take whatever I can get. Thanks bunches.

I’ve had some success stacking hp regen gear to make mellka even more durable so you might give that a shot.

I usually take the extra damage because I want to stay close enough to them to hit them some more, and then nail them with the spike. I do like the bounce away sometimes, though, because it sets me up to shoot them more. I don’t like the mutation, because it does not fire a poison grenade, so it seems like a wasted opportunity.

I have been experimenting with sprint speed and movement speed. Melka seems really slow, and most others outrun her pretty easily. She can’t outrun Pendles, either, which has become a major pain in the butt. So far, I am liking the sprint speed best. I also give her whatever additional health that I can. Health regeneration and recoil reduction are nice on her, too. Finally, I always use a cheap shard generator, because I find that I get out leveled quickly without one.

…Same. Faster and healthier, I only use her in advanced PvE but with those she is so much fun.

I take middle four simply because I never really use Claw Lunge offensively, and an instant clip refill is handy once you hit L8 and the canister launch isn’t key to your damage output anymore.

I recently got a (sadly average roll) Bola’s and I’m finding it’s a nice legendary with Mellka - the first one I’ve felt is worth the shards. The damage boost works with Venom, so it’s a natural for her.