Mellka Traveler skin bug

Mellka new Traveler skin has a bug in which her gun is not the Traveler gun but the Wayfarer gun you can see in the Traveler skin icon that Mellka gun I supposed to have neon blue light around it.

Gearbox please fix it this skin is really awesome with how it changes color

Ha! good catch. Riv and I just did the Toby dlc and I said: Hey, my gun looks different.

Welp I was gonna buy it tommorow. I need to reevaluate

You do not need to re-evaluate. I didn’t even wait until the discount to buy it, and I have no regrets :wink:

ya don’t worry it’s still an amazing skin to grab I’m just calling it out so Gearbox will fix it

Lol I guess I’ll but it then. First platinum purchase. May pick up an Orendi taunt too
Lol I’ll be buying it then, thanks

I just got the 85 ops skin and it’s utterly atrocious. Both her ops skins are terrible. I guess this is going to be a DLC trend for her, huh?

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I think part of the problem is how the pallet swaps works. Most skins for whiskey foxtrot are pretty meh because it only alters about half of him.

Though the buyable skin is pretty amazing

Mell’s are especially awful because they’re cut and paste jobs. Her 85 skin is just Nomad, her basic white skin, with the claw texture from the 50 ops skin pasted into it. It looks lazy and gross.

It could not have taken more than five minutes tops for someone to make this skin…



Well I agree that these crop of skins are just fancier reworks of more current skins we have I still like them. I only liked sporting the master skin or 2 of the loot pack skins for a character so I at least appreciate a few more options. Even if they are rather basic.

I probably won’t ever buy a skin anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

“Fancier” for most… Not so for Mell. Seriously, look at those pictures above :cry:

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I saw. Didn’t need to though :slight_smile:

I been slowly flushing out the loot box goodies and am aware that as far as this op goes the first tier of skins look like alternative versions of master skins and that the 2nd tier look like the white skins dropped from loot boxes. But as far as I am concerned those are 2 more skins I can have fun choosing when I play

But I understand. I think certain characters like whiskey and Mel may just be SOL about that while kelvin will always look amazing in the new ops skins

I guess I’m probably less forgiving because I’m in the camp of those who aren’t enjoying the new DLC mission… being hugely disappointed by the reward at the end of a mission I also found hugely disappointing is probably responsible for my negativity right now :wink:

For those who are happy with everything else that came out today, I can see why the low quality of the DLC skins isn’t a major deal.

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Oh no, everyone else’s were slightly different, this is literally the same thing but purple highlights
Oh! And I bought the traveller skin. Would buy freak flag if I taunted enemies. And fun and games because most OP skin on one of my favorite characters (as with every character, I focus wave clear, which Shayne is somehow really good at?)

Awe I am sorry to hear that… I really like the dlc. What about it isn’t quite clicking with you?

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