Mellka's Level 10 Helix

I gotta say, I’m not thrilled with either choice for pvp, maybe because I’m not great at pvp (I admit it) so the whole one shot / miss sort of thing turns me off on the right side, the left side doesnt thrill me either about bouncing off the environment. Thats probably because I’m not thinking about it right.

I think it means that if you miss your intended target, it’ll bounce and it an envenomed enemy, is that about right? It seems like when I do pick that ability and use it, I dont see any intended effects.

Thats about right, but her level 10 mutation makes each shot leave a pool of venom if it hits the ground first and just do the normal effect if not. So three pools of venom versus the other two mutations, easy choice. It is hard to see the bounce effect (its inaccurate as all hell) but it is there and will track to a target.

I play Mellka a lot and have struggled between those two. At first, I always took the one shot. Then, when I tried the pool, and now, I always use the tracing bouncy shots.

I like the one shot a lot, I’m pretty sure it does more damage than all 3 combined, making this the perfect choice if you simply want damage. It is, however, hard to land and requires a good ~2-3 seconds to start up. As if it only shoots the 3rd shot. I missed with it a lot, and generally felt like 3 was better because I always land at least 1/3. Rarely do I get all 3.

The pool is nice, I guess. It feels strange to pick an option that promotes missing, but hey, it’s good to cover all your bases. The problem I have with it is when you miss, you are typically WAY off. I mean, unless you are above them, a miss normally lands way behind them and I noticed my pools doing nothing. At most, they are preventing the enemy from standing there. I have the issue, now, of whether to aim at the ground where I want the pool to be, or to aim for targets. Also, keep in mind, you have to hit the ground, if you miss and hit the wall you will get no effect.

Now, the Blade Storm that allows them to bounce and track targets removes their explosion. I’m not sure what the explosion does, I’ve never seen it deal AOE damage and I’ve never seen it spread AOE venom. But, it definitely bounces off the environment, and oh my god does it bounce! This thing ricochets like a bullet, it is crazy. The velocity of the blade makes it hard to track effectively, and I have no idea what happens after they bounce off (because they are so fast), but I once, on Overgrowth, was aiming from the center towards the side of the “garage” near the sentry. It hit the wall going straight at it from the center lane and it bounced up and, like a jet, made this HUGE 90 degree turn towards the sentry’s direction. No idea if it hit its target, no idea who it was going for, but jesus… it looked like a jet flying around.

I prefer it for the bouncing more than the tracing effect. You can aim low and when you fire at targets it’ll bounce off the ground and fly into them. All 3 of these options are really poor. None of them make a huge difference, except the single shot. Mellka’s ultimate is pretty unimpressive, but she makes up for it by having amazing skills. Each of the three are just as useful, just make sure you pick the one that brings YOU the most use, because each of the 3 work in their own way and none are really all that great.

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The single blade is without a doubt more damaging, i love the pools for the area denial it provides as I use her for that and for the hilarious DoT deaths. I suppose it is really whatever you prefer with this one as none are very exceptional. I always miss with the single blade, the ones that bounce are just a bit too all over the place for my liking. I like plopping those pools down in a group and seeing them start hopping around trying to figure out where the damage is coming from.

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Yeah, but it is only 100 damage over 5 seconds. Do you know if the pools stack damage if they are overlapped?

Can you fire all 3 at the same place and deal 300 damage over 5 seconds (actually more like 8 seconds).

I do not, but I will test it out when I am at my system and let you know. I have the feeling it may not, which would definitely make it seem a lot less powerful.

I assume it probably won’t either. So, really, you’re looking to create a larger pool or even a line on the ground. Idk, it all just seems to be like a silly idea with a 60 second CD ultimate. Her ultimate always feels like a waste, every time I use it xD But then again, I’ve killed plenty of people with it, so…

The single shot must be the best, if you can land it. I always get CCed and then it gets interrupted and put on CD.

I like Blade Storm because it gives me hope that if I miss, I might still hit them.

For PvE, i recommend the Pool Shot (middle) due to the overwhelming number of trash mobs. And for PvP, I go with Blade Storm (left) for the homing.

On my game that mutation is glitch it does not leave no pool of poison after hitting the ground so it’s useless too

You sure? I feel like you may have just tried it once and made a simple/careless mistake. There are many instances where it will not turn into a pool.

Tooltip specifically says the shots become explosive, id imagine that means if the splash hits the ground the pools are created. Meaning you can get the initial hit and DOT if aimed properly.

Wouldnt make logical sense any other way…unless the perk is meant to be AOE from each shot being capable of tagging multiple enemies, which would certainly be useful as well.

Or all the above…

Blade Launcher DOES NOT say that it explodes.

Blade Storm augment says that it removes the explosion… but it never exploded anyway???

And Pool Shot says that it causes an explosion AND leaves the AOE pool on the ground ONLY IF it misses.

So this means that if you hit with pool shot you will cause it explode and deal AOE damage and spread venom. If you miss, you will lay a pool on the ground which also spreads venom. I do not believe that it will cause a pool from the explosion. At best, you can aim at the ground next to someone and the explosion will hit them and cause a pool on the ground because you hit the ground.

::shrug:: Bladestorm tooltip is likely referring to the blades bouncing and not exploding on contact with the environment not implying it had innate AOE on enemy hit to begin with.

Oh my god, thank you. Ambiguous grammar is ambiguous.

So Pool Shot might be the best bet. Because if you hit it will explode, if you miss it will drop a pool. I still have the issue with my misses always hitting walls and not the ground. Maybe I should use her ult in the air more.

I think the All In single shot is the best option if you like to use your ult on the Sentries a lot. More damage with no drawback because you won’t miss.

Yea…GB hasnt been the most articulate in relaying exactly what theyre saying with this game…hence the whole “unlock key” fiasco lol.

But yeah I think they all have their own situational uses in theory, with the bouncing blades being more for the less accurate players, single for damage and pool for groups/area denial. Just my opinion.

It’s VERY hard to describe your abilities in the correct way. Very, very hard. But, there is a lot of good that comes out of poorly explained things (or just limited explanation).

In this game, and many others, you actually need to use the ability to learn what they do. This promotes additional gameplay, which is good. You cannot read the ability, you need to use it and use it many times to really get a grasp of what it does.

It’s nice, I generally like it when a game gives you enough information to make a decision, but limits you to the point where you feel obligated to experiment.

I love those types of kills. Envenomate them shot em down to low health then just let them flop about like a fish out of water. Gotta throw in the taunt too when they die. Or the bad side…a damn team mate steals the kill as they about to die grrrrrrrr!

No real thing as steal killing in this game because of how much emphasis there is on teamwork.

Hell, everytime a teammate kills someone I spent so much time damaging I have to thank them because it’s so often that the enemy escapes. And the venom only does 100-200 damage, it isn’t going to drop someone unless they are really close to death. Needless to say, I’ve seen it happen countless times.