Mellka's Melee Changes

First of all, let me just say I really like the Mellka changes from the CTT. Her gun doesn’t feel like it shoots water anymore and her poison also feels much more satisfying, especially at level 8 when you get it on bullets. Kinda sad about the loss of Spike stealth, but with her new and improved damage I could see her being really strong if it was kept.

However, there’s one change that feels really counter-intuitive and has lost me a few kills- the new knockback on the last hit of her melee combo.

Back in CTT, Mellka’s melee combo functioned a lot like it does now, with one glaring exception: the last hit of it would knock Mellka and her target up a bit and let her sneak in an extra air melee attack before they both landed. It felt great and rewarding for landing the whole long combo, and it let you keep up the pressure on squishies since it would stop their retreat.

Now, I’m noticing that instead of getting knocked up, my melee targets are getting knocked back. That feels pretty bad. Firstly, Mellka seems like she’s supposed to be a melee heavy character. Her venom boosts her melee damage and her claw lunge and spike are both great for keeping on opponents and raining down blows with her melee. So when her melee combo forces her to stop meleeing before it ends or to save claw lunge, an important skill to apply a slow and land the combo in the first place, it reduces her kill potential dramatically. I’m hoping to see it reverted to the way it was and let me keep meleeing Marquis without helping him get away.

I’m not really a Mellka player so I can’t comment on her balance, but I did try her during the CTT and also thought the knockup was pretty cool. Sad to hear they changed it.

I thought the knockback was a Helix choice?

There is a helix skill that lets you knock back- Air Stall. However, that’s on your quick melee (O for Playstation, no clue for anywhere else) and that sends you back. There’s another one similar to that except on Claw Lunge. Great for flying out of a Rath ult or something like that. I mean, however, on her secondary attack, the long melee string, the uppercut she does at the end knocks enemies away instead of up like it used to.

Ah I see…I was playing last night and had that happen, I had just assumed I made a mistake in the Helix. That does kinda suck, seems GB is trying to steer people away from just spamming melee…which admitidly was very easy in CTT (played Mellka pretty much exculsively) when you combined the DOT Venom Spike, and her insane speedup from poisoning enemies, you could pretty much force your opponent against the wall and claw them to death😈.

Well, her wall strats wouldn’t really be affected by the change- if they’re knocked back into a wall, they’re just knocked up since they have nowhere to go. This only affects you if you’re meleeing in open ground.

Well it kinda does so indirectly because it makes it harder to stay on top of them to force them towards the wall in the first place.

At least in my experience that “panic” of being smothered (combined with her speed) is usually what walked them into the trap for me. Its funny Mellka was pretty strong in CTT but everyone was screaming for buffs here at the time :slight_smile:

I havent got an extensive amount of time in with her yet to know how much this affects her…but im inclined to think shes still “better” seeing as her Venom actually does DOT now. Changes her approach a bit but definetly makes her a strong deterrent for some of the stronger Tiered characters like Galilea Ambra…Thornn.

Yeah, her venom change is pretty huge, but I still miss her more slippery CTT skillset with more focus on melee and stealth. She feels a whole lot like Caldarius now.

(Also I’m not good at aiming.)

True…funny thing is Deande pretty much stole her old melee, she has a Helix mutation that is a knockup uppercut at the end of her melee combo.

I agree with Mellka being alot like Caldarius, but hes more CC/distraction…Mellka kills alot better;)

Oh, so I guess that’s why they changed it. Gotta go git gud at Deande.

I’m really digging the way she plays now