Mellka's Original Hairstyle?

So after doing a run on The Experiment, I heard Boldur make a comment on Mellka’s hair having changed. Got me curious as to what she looked like originally because I can’t actually imagine her NOT having a Mohawk now.

Long, silver-blond, typical Elf look, you know? I don’t…

She’s half Aelfin though. Probably brown hair. Possible white streaks, which she dyed green. At least partially.

Aelfrin have a “…wide variety of hair colors…” (Thorn lore “Spry Sprite Spray”) and Mellka is half Aelfrin so I imagine the possibilities are nigh endless. My guess is she had shoulder length brown hair (probably taking after her father?). She’s got a punk style so I imagine shaving her hair into a mohawk and dying in a white streak fit her personality once she started fighting Varelsi given her hair would have gotten in the way of her vision during battle.