Melt Down 200-0 60 XP | 497 - 500 800XP

So I played a Melt Down game solo random queue 5v5 and we dominated 200-0 before they surrendered in 6 minutes. Got 60 XP and laughed. went 4-1 and had like 10 minion kills so not like I was afk.

Next game we are up 400-100. I do go afk and get something to drink. I just run around pvping not caring about objective trying to loose and drag out the match. End up losing 497-500. I got 800 XP.

Just laughable.

They reward people for playing. I don’t see the problem. If you had ended the match more quickly, you would have gotten less, but could have entered a new match.

Also probably got achievements or whatever they’re called that give you more XP.

If they surrender, everyone gets lower rewards. It really sucks because about 35% of my matches are surrendered by the other team, and some matches the rest of our team nags us to surrender. Thankfully I usually have at least two people playing with me so no surrender votes go through.

This. tons of the xp you get in a match comes from repeatable achievement (kill streak, wiping out the enemy team, and so on) as well as non-repeatable achievements that you achieved with that match. If less thing happen during the match, less achievements will bne achieved obviously, which immediately translate by less xp.