Meltdown and incursion buildables suggestion

Currently there is a lot of cheesing and wrecking buildables in these 2 modes which makes spending crystals on them pretty damn pointless


Give buildables minions which protect the buildables the more shards u spend on the buildable the stronger the minions are

Or give a serious health boost plus shield to turrets and give it an area bubble to prevent them from being sniped across the map which reflect damage back

Turrets are not even threatening even at rank 3 as they die in seconds and can be destroyed at very long range

So far meltdown and incursion are good ideas but suffer due to turrets and minions being blown up in seconds which turns both games into camp the players at choke points which wins base on the character u picked and not the objective u spend ur crystals on

I have seen a thrall being killed in 3 seconds, i have seen a tier 3 turret die within an ultimate or in seconds with just auto attacks all theses objective need serious buffs to force players to play the objective and not senselessly camp/farm players and win

I think that the turrets are supposed to be sort of squishy, because they are not the objective. They just help accomplish the objective, which is pushing minions (or capturing points), and are still typically focused pretty quickly because they can be really debilitating. The only buff I think they need is taking less damage the further away they’re attacked from, because an enemy Marquis pretty much means no buildables.

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not sure how i feel about this one. i guess it depends on the buildable. i definitely dont think it can be across the board on all buildables, but perhaps ones near spawns. i think there definitely needs to be an overhaul to the xp system in incursion and meltdown. xp for player kills needs to come down some, while xp for minion kills needs to come up. doing this would at least somewhat encourage people to play the objective more. and it would work perfectly even for those without strong lane clear because killing players before they can clear their wave would be extremely effective. it already is, but there would be a balance because the people actually doing the killing would not be leveling up very quickly, so it would be a trade off