Meltdown as we know it is being removed?

Be reborn as…

This BS.

No, I’m sorry for the salt, but I’m not giving this a chance before I declare it an abomination. Twenty minute matches? Boss fights that determine the outcome of the game? This is the Face Off formula applied to a much-loved game mode.

No more end game (seriously, twenty minutes?) No more twin-lane PVP fun. It’s a brief burst of PVP followed by some weird competitive raid mob phase. I don’t like this. I don’t want this.

Please, Gearbox, consider making this its own mode and letting us keep Meltdown. Some of us play the game for this mode.


Not sure I’m crazy about the instant win condition. Still, with the exception of being shorter and having a single unit to escort instead of a wave it’s still essentially the same game type. Seems much more tactical now. Or at least, that’s what they’re trying for.

I question why Meltdown received the most changes. It seemed like the least complained about game mode.

Face off often devolves into TDM, Incursion just turns into waiting around at choke points for ages with long drawn out games, and almost requires a top tier team comp. Capture is just never played and team comp rarely matters beyond having a couple of fast characters.

I’ve never had to many issues with Meltdown. The game mode is relaxed enough that you can get away with fun comps while still maintaining the feel of being competitive. And I don’t know why they decreased the timer to 20 minutes. Barring a few games on Outskirts (it can be difficult to guide minions into the second grinders there) I rarely had games that would go the full length, and the few that did were some of the closest games I’ve ever played while being some of the most fun.

It seems like they want all the game modes to make it so that no early game matters and that comebacks are always possible (Stronger minions for Incursion to quickly take down the sentry, forced team fights in face off) and I don’t think that was a problem that needed to be fixed with Meltdown. As it is leading minions into the second grinders is a difficult task and even a team that is at a massive lead like 250-25 won’t be able to escort minions fast enough to stop the other team from catching up.

I believe that at some time in the stream they did mention that this mode would have increased EXP gain so late game is still a thing. I don’t like that they did that however. Getting to level 10 in Meltdown and Incursion usually means that it’s a good game and it feels like you earned that level ten helix. Now (I assume) it will be more like getting to level 10 in Capture or Face Off. More of a grind than anything else and not really rewarding.

So to the Devs. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Keep hold of the current design of Meltdown because Finale might not be that great.


Keep in mind, reducing the length of games drastically changes one of the key appeals of the mode: in old Meltdown, pretty much the entire cast was viable. Now, at twenty minutes long, Capture logic applies. Late game characters are weak, early game characters are strong. Push hard and deathball early, don’t play the long game…

Cutting the timer in third means this can’t ever be essentially the game type again, even discounting this Ultra Minion business. :confused:


If this is true, it changes what I said above (although an early game rush will still be the way to go!)

Yeah, but it won’t be as rewarding, in my opinion. I like to work for my levels.


I didn’t want to be the one to say this, but screw it you’re 100% right. This isn’t a revamped Meltdown, this is a new mode.

“Lead minions higher strength based on score” < This isn’t what was implied in he stream, rather the contrary that the losing team would have an advantage. Unless I heard wrong. Either way, I think it’s rubbish. They also said that you will be level 10 by the boss fight, so no more leveling strategies because everyone wins! Except the winners. If the losing team does indeed gain some advantage, what’s the bet that the new Meltdown meta will be tanking teams, and I don’t mean tank-y teams I mean teams that deliberately throw the first phase of the match for the endgame, then run around during the “FINAL” phase with mass DPS wiping the enemy team and their ultra bots.

If I did hear wrong, I don’t think we’ll see much more different from what I’ve described above, just in reverse. Comebacks are supposed to be hard fought, this will take away from the satisfaction of come from behind victories, and add frustration to a winning team who are cheaped out of a victory. Just like on Face Off.


I read it as the leading teams minion will be stronger based on the difference in score. So yes, strong right out the gate will be important.

Haha yeah, the old Face Off classic. From 0-400 to 500-400 in the time it takes you to say “penta assist in the boss fight”


I was more referring to the 30+ Varelsi kills, more than the whole enemy team combined, killed once and lose. But yes, rubbish all the same.

We’re referring to the same phenomenon, just with different analogies :wink:

Can I just say that ever since you changed your profile picture I’ve been reading all of your comments in Mister Torgue’s voice and that with all the ranting you have been posting it fits very well. Makes reading your comments very fun.

I could not agree with this more

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I’d replace that word with one less savoury and 1,000% more vulgar.

Lol cheers! I had a go at the “In Character Thread” and I sucked, I was Torgue of course.

For serial though, there is no need for this mode to exist, especially with the Capture changes as well. We now have three early-game rush modes, Incursion is actually starting to look like the better choice…

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Support camp comps here we come.

I’m actually really liking some of the capture changes and will probably play that mode for more than attempts at breaking my 5 gravity kills record.

For those of us that always felt that way this is a very exciting time. Cheers. :beer:


I’m just going to sum up my feelings for this.

■■■■. This. ■■■■.


What it also means is that my Mellka will be making more Incursion appearances. Be careful what you wish for. :grin:


You will concede Blaine, eventually, you know what you have to do to break those comps… And with Kleese receiving a a buff, er I mean a nerf, no, a cop-out? Yeah, one of those… It’s only gonna get worse.

Here were my first thoughts: Gali gets her lasers from the start, Kleese gets his double taser, and Benedict gets his reload speed. Also, with 500 shards, the former two get health regen right out the gates while the latter gets even more reload.

All night I was with a crew and we would lock in Capture: Temples when it was an option, then run all knockbacks and sing “Shenanigans” whenever someone went flying :sunglasses: I think Pie got 6 in one match as Montana, we got carried away and were playing shenanigans against a premade Japanese team who went full hardcore but we triple-capped in the dying minute to beat them 1000-985


I’d much rather face your Melka on incursion than meltdown. Not as many opportunities for you to 1v1 me. I prefer those odds.


Oh well, It was fun while it lasted. :sob: