Meltdown: Beating a dead horse

As I said in the title, I know I’m beating a dead horse. However, How is this more balanced? Great example: Me and my team were down, but the tide was turning. However, because of the short time limit, we had to face the ultra minions and the leading team. So we lost. I get that you can kill the Ultra minions and still win, but still, that doesn’t make it balanced. Again, I know this is beating a dead horse, but it happens far too often.


I just hope they bring the old Meltdown I love :smile_cat:


I like the idea of this one, but I think it’d be more fun if it spawned both end minions at the same time. The scores determine the strength of the minion. Like if you score the 400, yours is the Ultra Minion. The other team scores 30, they get a little weak minion. If it’s a close game like 390 and 400, then you’d have similar minions advancing, but 400 would have more health and higher attack or whatever. Or maybe 400 is the only Ultra Minion and 399 is still one step below.

That’s just my thought on how to spice it up a little bit.


Why not just do it like it was before, but as you get further from your opponents in points increase the strength of the losing teams minions. And then have it change based on the score gap.

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I sit down
Turn on PS4
Click user
Enter Battleborn
Stare at Quick Match button
Enter queue until I realize it’s still Finale
I exit and open a different game

This keeps on happening. Incursion I find too boring to play for a while and my love of late game characters spurs a hatred of the current parade. I’m ready and willing to come back Gearbox. I already do sometimes. But I really like having my ult, and that only happens in the last minutes of matches now


I would like more the finale if we could keep going and going…

Instead, we manage to stop them and push but the time runs ou,t we still lose by score.

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Since we are beating a dead horse, I will self quote a suggestion I did in another topic. Take in account that I wrote this with PC gameplay in mind.



I could have played more Finales, but the ones I’ve played were far from balanced. For a real fierce match they need to set MX for both sides.
My suggestions:

  • As a basis, a losing team (0-400) should have a chance of winning if they manage to wipe the enemy team.

  • When FInale begins, everyone should be set to lvl 10 immediately.

even with the increased exp and the score limit being 400?

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Essentially, the Finale portion isn’t a variable, as it accomplishes nothing. So it’s really just those extra 100 Points. I hadn’t realized it’s those that made the games I enjoyed. The back and forth until the ending team fight no longer exists. Finale tries to force it and fails. And the exp didn’t seem to do enough. Matches still snowball too quickly for comebacks

These topics are generally now the only reason I leave the off topic section.

Bring back the Meltdown I knew and loved :cry:

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Maybe the finalle should triger when the score is close. Why?

Because if the enemy scored 400 points that means: your team missed a lot of minions exp, they have no way to stop a higher lvl enemy and a super minion.

If both teams are skilled, the match will go even and finale should spam minions for both teams, and spam more and more minions as the finale progress untill 1 score without time limit.

Yeah I’m really failing to see what the point of the finale is. If your team wasn’t good enough to win in the first stage, you’re not good enough to beat the ultra minions. Not to mention why do two of them spawn yet only one needs to get through? It puts the defending team at a complete disadvantage. They can’t all dogpile on one Ultra Minion to take it down, they need to hit both. However the attacking team can all cluster around one ultra minion and push it through. Am I missing something? This just seems like really stupid design to me.

The old meltdown was way better. But you could modify maybe the new one to keep it entertaining. First off get rid of the possibility of buying elite bots. A better way would be, that the playere earn them by defeating minions. Like after your team defeats a fixed amount of minions a elite bot will spawn. Thar way it encourages player to kill more minions instead of players.

Secondly you could mix the new meltdown aspect with the old one. The last big bots spawn in a random lane in a fixed time interval and grant higher points. YOu could up the final limit to 600 or 700 with the big bots giving you 100 points each.


i like this idea, but it would still encourage deathballing a lane at a time for more minion assists per minion. at least in those good enough to accomplish it. at public level play i think itd be ok until that meta slowly set in place. but i definitely feel that the economy meta is op in md. basically, you have to run it if the enemy is, but you cant guarantee they wont run it, and you cant take that chance…so gl.

I’ve been thinking about this a LOT lately, actually, and, I mean, I still prefer original Meltdown, BUT, as been said again and again in this thread (and many other places), it’s not the Finale mode or lower point total (500 down to 300 then back up to 400), it’s the complete mismatch of experience levels between teams that make many Meltdown matches (holy unexpected alliteration bonus, Batman! :joy::+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) a joke.

When you are absolutely stomping a team, or getting stomped yourself, chances are you will either have an enormous lead or be behind by an enormous amount of points, so, what difference will it make to the endgame whether you have to get 100 more points worth of Minions in or keep an Ultra Bot alive until it enters the grinder?

Probably not much of a difference.

On the other hand, with two teams of equal skill, where there is a good constant back and forth and a constant difference of maybe 3-20 points for score the whole game, crazy Ultra Bot battles can be soooo fun!

Sadly, I don’t think Meltdown could support its own dedicated queue, and, with many “newer” players fleeing into Quick Match to avoid the Incursion Death Squads, and with Meltdown SOOOO RARELY getting voted for in Draft Mode, I cannot think of a good solution for this problem!

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I think killing people should be more punished in general. You should get 1 s more respawn time after every 2 kills and 1s after 3 assists. The respawn time is reduced by your deaths and maybe by minions killed(but not by a lot). That way you can focus the enemy damage dealer and put him out for a longer time than usual.

Meltdown and Capture need a better base front line. You get pushed beyond far too easily

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I don’t know, even when matches go to version 10+ with a constant back and forth of super bots, I’m still not having any fun. I just find it stressful, a constant teamfight with no downtime, until, in most cases, the timer ends and no one got a minion through.

I really dislike new meltdown.

Yeah, a full 30 minions of minutes was definitely MUCH better?

I think im just trying to convince myself I like the new mode so i don’t feel sad about it lol!