Meltdown - Finale, but Ultra Minions don't spawn

Is this a common Problem?

I mean… well I got my worthy of song thanks to this, but I tried to chomp Minions as Kelvin to clear my Daily Challenge “Kill 120 Minions” on the way, but the only Bots I got to Chomp were the AI controlled Battleborn (at least for the last 25 Minutes of the Match)

I hope the devs are aware of that, cause I don’t think it would be any good if this would happen in regular PvP… now it was 5 Randoms stomping bots so no big deal.

I’m only very active in PvP vs Bots… but I liked the original version without the Finale better.

Don’t now if this “fight till time-out” matches are a new problem or if there were Problems with Minion spawning before.


“Minions” are specifically the robot dudes, not AI-controlled Battleborn. If you want lots of minions to chomp, either sit and clear waves in Meltdown or Incursion, or do story mode (Algorithm is good; Toby’s Friendship Raid is crawling with the things.)

I know that, I tried to make a pun there :sweat_smile:

That’s why I picked Meltdown over capture, but incursion wasn’t offered and after five Minutes the score limit was reached, so there was nothing left to do then kill tge enemies over and over again, since there were no ultra Minions.

Not a rare occurrence in PvP. Which makes me think this mode was not tested as extensively as we were led to believe.

OK Colour me confused. I would have thought “Kill 120 Minions” would have included ALL minions, not just Elite Bots and Ultra Minions. Or was “Kill 120 Minions” shorthand for something that was actually more specific? I mean, as presented, that doesn’t even require you to Chomp them to death.

All Bot minions count as far as I’m aware. Anyone can kill them. I’ve completed these quests in Incursion.

The glitch where the finale doesn’t happen has happened to me 3 times. I just enjoy the taste of team death match while I can. Never got to experience it as Kelvin because I don’t want bots to taint his records and I basically only play incursion when I play PvP.

Just my way to express I was playing Kelvin like he is supossed to while clearing the challenge… could have done it with anyone it was just me trying to lead to the part of the story when the 25 Minute Kill fest that came up.

Had it happen to me for the first time yesterday.

We kept killing the poor guys until they eventually surrendered.

With two teams of equal skill I would actually really enjoy having it occur again!

But, what causes it?


An angry and VENGEFUL God…

So Minrec.





@hanautaBOB, let me ping the devs…

@JoeKGBX, @Jythri? You guys aware of this bug?


Thanks for the heads up here, guys. I’ll double check with the team to make we’re aware of this one.


It’s happened to me once and it was a nice clean slaughter - though the other team (who we pummeled into a pulpy mess) were actually pretty good. We both got kills, and I was able to experience level 10 Alani for a while which is nice.

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