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now that Meltdown is usually over in about 3 minutes due to the changes and the ultra elite bot is essentially just a victory parade, nobody really likes the mode anymore.

BUT I did manage to play a single match where the enemy team actually got to destroy both Elite Bots in the lanes. Never seen that before. then SUDDEN DEATH. ANd holy CRAP that was fun and intense, with the never ending stream of Ultra Elites going down each lane, getting stronger, and stronger until one got through (We got up to like lv 8). It felt like the old Meltdown, which I loved.

So while I still advocate bringing back the old Meltdown so we can have a mode we actually enjoy besides Incursion, i DO enjoy that particular part and would like it added to the old Meltdown, or as a separate mode.


The opinion seems to be it exacerbates the terrible matchmaking, but if it actually works it’s one of the best things in this game. I think it should be available in private matches, but not in queue unless matchmaking changes

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^This. With emphasis on the “but” and “if”. The two matches i had where the timer ran out are in my top 10 favorite Battleborn matches. There is even a video in the “shenanigans” thread where i used Reyna’s Photonic Ward to simultaneously knock back four lvl. 22 elite bots that were close enough to score to be a worry.

That being said, it took roughly 1 in 15 Meltdown Finale matches to get each of those; otherwise, it was a one-sided stomp.


Wording is important here my man (as I’ve learned myself)

Titles like yours, are often glanced over by the very people you want reading them.

I recommend practicing an age old supervisor tactic (build,break,build)

Start with positives (especially in the title, so anyone reading doesn’t immediately lump you in with the waa-waa crowd) then ease in the “constructive” criticism, then end it with a positive note.

Like so,

Title: New Meltdown is a fascinating alternative take! Yet, I have some ideas-

Body: bla-bla nice things. BUT, I feel the mode over all is so and so, and discourages so and so, and when I play it, I feel so and so. My suggestions for this are so and so.

Conclusion: This mode is so and so, but I still find so and so enjoyable and appreciate the effort.

A coupled peppered in words here and there go a long way.

Now onto the actual OP and my take.

I’m in agreement, that it could use some changes, here and there to really get it right. As it is now, matches tend to favor snowballing, and the leaders Elite wave is usually the only wave.

Some suggestions to give the underdogs a chance (just throwing stuff out there, I doubt any of this is actually good ^.^ ) is maybe only allow the underdogs build-ables during the leaders round? Perhaps allowing them to still buy their elite bots also. Something to allow them to alleviate some pressure, as they try to stay in the game.

I’ve yet to experience ‘sudden death’ but it sounds fun. Maybe one day (no one picks meltdown though)

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"Meltdown Finale Conversion"
Would something like that work better? I tend to just skip reading longer titles because I don’t care enough to put that much effort into reading them (I can read this tiny text easily but titles… ugh)

that works.

Or, Meltdown Finale suggestions/impressions etc.

Short and sweet, yet not inherently evident your subject matter will be negative/criticism.

changed. better?

Agree entirely, when both teams are good, it’s fan-FUC*ING-tastic, however, I would still like 500 points instead