Meltdown Finale is Pretty Decent

What it says on the tin.

Matches are very short, and I’m actually very ok with that. It’s better for the community to have more short modes, as it means that new players can get out of stomps quicker and into another match.

However, I haven’t seen a match go to two waves of Ultra minions yet. Even single match so far, we’very won with the first wave of Ultras.

I am sad about it. :disappointed:

It’s really just a drastically truncated Meltdown, because the leading team will always win the uncontested first push - short of some hilarious mishap. The defenders have to split lanes, while the attackers only have to commit to one.

The only way to defend the uncontested UMs is for the defenders to try to stall one with a single player (dicey) and win 5v4 on the other lane while the UM backs them up (even dicier). If a defending team can pull that off, then it poses the question of how they ended up being the losing team in the first place.


Exactly what I thought when I first read the description of the new Meltdown.

Doesn’t really help the losing team make a comeback, like what they said they were trying to go for.

I’m also biased because I liked the old meltdown, and prefer longer matches/games.

Theoretically, if you have multiple burst-damage characters, you could try sending them to deal with one UM, hopefully kill it rather quick from the burst damage, then quickly run back to the other lane to do the same to the other. Still, that requires precise planning and teamwork, which isn’t often found in random groups.

I wish that the bots only went down one lane, and that it would switch between summons. And Enemy bot on one side, and the friendly on the other.
Also the UMs are sonic or something, because they are exceptionally fast.

I myself absolutely hate it. It’s extremely one-sided and it’s nearly impossible to make a comeback.

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I played a couple rounds where my team was losing until the finale where we managed to push and win. So it definitely does give you a chance for a comeback.

But so did the old meltdown.

To be frank, Capture and Face Off -are- short modes. There doesn’t need to be more short modes. Being able to have a decently long match and being able to utilize most of your helix levels shouldn’t be something that’s relegated to story mode and incursion only

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I once saw a team with a max level minion sit in base in Finale and let the OPUM carry them to victory as the opponent couldn’t kill them
So I respectfully disagree. Values need to be tweaked