Meltdown Finale Tactics

This new game mode sounds really good, and I’m not going to judge it before I try it, but I’ve been thinking about how hard it could be to come back if you lose the first phase.
When the seconds phase comes along, and only the winning team gets the super bots, what is stopping them from putting all 5 players on one lane and just destroying that lane? 1 or 2 people are probably going to be on the other side taking the super bot down, leaving a 5v4or3 on the other side, making it really difficult to come back from. Again, I won’t judge until I’ve tried it, and I’m really excited for it, but I hope it isn’t as easy as this.

That’s the point. The team that’s ahead gets a “bonus round” to start, and depending on how far ahead they are is how powerful that super bot starts as. If it was a 500-50 score, you’ve got very little chance, but you DO have a chance, as opposed to an immediate loss when the other team hits 500.

If on the other hand it was 350-300 (and it timed out,) their Super Bots shouldn’t be overly powerful, and after the first round yours should only be slightly weaker. You’d have a decent chance then, though obviously the team that’s ahead would still have the advantage.

That said, I believe they stated that any buildables which were active before the finale phase are still active, so you can also use buildables (and make sure to destroy those of your opponent) in order to switch that advantage around. A Super bot being shot at by a Thumper turret takes longer to get there, and is certainly gonna take some damage.

But but… The max score will be 300. >: )


That advantage could be having a team that’s bad at playing the objective that can play tdm in the last round and actually get off a team kill and win

I feel like the finale is going to be CC and AE-ult hell, with the winning team generally being the one that brings Blink Storm/Sublimate/Pillar Storm, but maybe that’s me.

Any time you force players to focus a health sponge NPC, though, you’re effectively offering a level 10 Deande and level 10 Orendi easy multi kills. Especially if their level 10 Gali friend has Blight Town.


Might be the same kind of stomping that happens on incursion currently, obvioudly thats down the difference in skill and team comp down to the game itself. I think itll be okay though, wed definately have to try different tactics and hope certain people get nerfed…

On the other hand the team that had put effort into focusing the objective will feel bad as it was all for nothing.

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Edit: Now I actually got more time to make an actual response. As of now, it looks like the team who won first one will get a more justified kill-chase. The losing team would have to play the objective, survive and possibly go for opposing kills as well which skews the dynamic of the fight.

Much like @EdenSophia has pointed out, it’ll be nothing short of CC stacking. If the giant minion acts and targets players as well as packs a punch like the regular minions do now, one simply will have to stun them in close proximity to the giant minion to strip that/those character(s)’ health quite substantially if not blatantly kill them. And if that’s the case, melee characters will become less viable than they’ve already become since the minion buff.

Also depending on how the bots react to CC and deal damage to each other, one could stack stuns on top of the opposing minion and let your minion take care of it. Another way might be to use Ghalt’s or Shayne & Aurox’s pull to get it out of lane and thus potentially backtracking the progress of the minion quite substantially. All of this then while there can be a large difference in average levels of the teams, simply inflating the inequality of the team and the losing team will barely be able to get exp to level them up.

Side note: Apologies if this derails the post or is irrelevant to the original post. But to summarise for the question at hand; I believe it’ll be much more of a TDM-like game mode which will inflate the problem of CC-stacking.

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I highly doubt that pulls are going to work on the Super Bots, I see them having the same sort if immunity to them that bosses do.

Still not entirely optimistic about this mode, but I promised I’d give it a shot.

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When the final round happens will minions still spawn or is it just big bots?

Just the Super Minions I think.

Hopefully I’ll have plenty of chomp stacks before that happens.

A true legendary Kelvin would win Finale for his team with a Chomp kill on the super minion.


Yup, ice walls the enemy super minion, then chomps for the kill, that’s called a clutch right there

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I will make it my mission to have that happen.


It would be cool if Kelvin had a system similar to the Varelsi masks, where he could sacrifice the accumulated heath gained from killing minions, in order to “regurgitate” them into Minrec.

It would make him the king of Meltdown.

Well, it looks like we’ve already got our team sorted. @Ashbweh

In all seriousness though, comebacks can happen. I feel like a well coordinated team could hold out on a 4v5. As long as they are dodging/cancelling ults and focusing on doing everything in their power to stop that elite bot from scoring, I think they could pull it off.

If the initial wave is dealt with successfully, both teams get an elite bot next round which evens the score a little, so the team in the lead only gets one shot with their advantage. It won’t be easy, but still, at least possible. AoE and CC teams are also going make up the majority of the team here for obvious reasons and possibly ranged characters too so they can poke from safe distances.

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That would be pretty awesome. Devs need to get on that. Lol

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If anyone can do it, you’ll be the one to do it! Played against you a week ago or so in Incursion. The horror. Need you to teach me the ways of Kelvin :grin:


@legendoflink2288; me too! I’ve always wanted to get good with Kelvin! Truth be told, i actually favored his looks and kit on the beta, before i realized i sucked with him, and unlocked Toby.

Shocked audience gasp.

What?! He looks awesome!

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