Meltdown: Finale

Let’s be honest. It sucks. I just lost a meltdown match in 10 minutes because they got the giant minion in. The score was 255 to 300, a completely winnable scenario in normal meltdown, but their giant minion was 3 levels above ours. It’s whole purpose was to be balanced and it is the exact opposite. If you have an opinion other than mine, please let me know.


try having a team that picks 3 supports with 7k healing between them (of which I only got 800). I’ve done two matches of it so far and both have been stomps. one was a literal spawn camp, the other we couldn’t even get to our grinder. once those minions come out, it’s over have you seen how fast those things move? they have more health than a well fed Kelvin on steroids and that’s without the entire enemy team surrounding it. Then there’s the fact there is two of them and either one of them will make it to your grinder in >15 seconds.

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I lost a game with similar score but the minion was only 1 level above ours. It’s weird tho as we list and I still didn’t see the minion go in cos I was in the other lane. I didn’t hate it. In reserving judgement

Yes the speed of those things is surprising. I can see people focusing on slows with this mode

My knee jerk reaction is I dont care for the changes so far. Its too short. Games over before your character gets to the good stuff. Ill give it some time to see if it grows on me.

It hasn’t turned out like I expected, because in my head I thought there’d be a central battle but it spawns two minions instead.

This means I’m not seeing the huge TDM I imagined, but it also means the game is over in an instant, as I’ve yet to come into a pub queue enemy team that has the coordination to divide into sufficiently equal lanes and stop both UMs. Sometimes they even go in uncontested.

If the intention of Meltdown: Finale was to make the mode more accessible for casual players, I think it may have backfired. Once Finale happens (which can be within ten minutes) then you need teamplay more than ever, and most pub teams out there don’t have it.


In my head i thought that in the Finale BOTH teams would get super minions going down each lane, only that the team that lost the first round would have weaker super minions, and the team that won would have slightly stronger ones as a reward for doing good in round one. I don’t understand why only the team who won round one gets to have their minions out during the finale


Yep, it’s a snowball mechanic even more so than the previous incarnation, imho. If you were able to push an MX Elite in either lane before Finale, once you enter Finale you’ll pretty much definitely win the game, because the scenario is no different but the minions are way harder to stop.


Speaking of, i guess the new Meltdown meta is to run zero shard, zero wrench gear and just crank out those bots as fast as possible so that you can be assured your team will have the super minions up in the finale. Really cuts down on any kind of gear variation in loadouts. I feel your pain now Eden. Meltdown was by far my favorite mode so for me this is kind of like the Mellka nerf lol


Meltdown is my favorite game mode like Mellka is my favorite character (well, with less swooning), so my heart is presently broken in two places. :stuck_out_tongue:


Another thing i’ve noticed, and this might just be a negative placebo compounded by the overall change to the mode, but it feels like the minion waves in round one are coming back to back to back and the minions themselves are moving much faster than before

I only played one game, but I hated it. When both teams had about 200 points I suddenly realised we weren’t doing normal Meltdown. XD

So to the point, we had almost the max time going to get to 300 points. (I think 1 minute left) so our teams were pretty balanced. They got 300 points, we had like 280. We were able to destroy 1 of the minions, but we needed 4 people for that. It only barely didn’t get in. I (As Miko) was on the other lane, on my own. I was able to stun the minion so it didn’t reach as far but honestly… We had NO chance.

Also, I only reached level 5… LEVEL 5!!! FOR A FULL MELTDOWN MATCH!!! NO. Sorry, but ■■■■ that. If a Meltdown match was balanced and long, we used to be able to get to level freaking 10.

I know I am really early to give my opinion about it, but this match showed me so much that was wrong with the mode really…


Doesn’t sound good so far… Surprising… No one.


Managed to play two matches. I was looking forward to how it would turn out but…I’m not impressed. As others have stated before and after it was released, the matches are too short. The whole finale mechanic feels pointless. By the time the super bots came out, the screen faded to black before I could figure out who won. It was kind of confusing to be honest. The whole thing seems…unnecessary. I can see that they’ve tried to make the game mode more “balanced” and interesting, but it didn’t even look like it needed any of that tbh. On the other hand, capture seems better (if two of my team members didn’t decide to leave and we just camped in the spawn room till the enemy score capped that is)

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I loathe it, and despite the other AWESOME additions that came with the winter update (60fps and ult-line return), Meltdown being changed and quick-match being removed has put me in a slightly sour mood regarding PVP since my three matches last night…

I also wish Chaos Rumble would disappear indefinitely after Beatrix’s time in the spotlight has ended., because there’s nothing QUITE like having two Ernests and a Benedict on the other team… In one lane… By yourself. I’m sure Mr
Torgue would approve of the explosions though.


Or two Kleeses and two Ambras protecting an Ernest on Echelon


I don’t care for it either. Its way to short. Meltdown was my favorite because there was a higher chance of hitting level 10 and now that is out the window. The bots during the finale are just stupid tough to take down as well which makes the losing team have no chance. So their balance really didn’t balance anything but made it even worse for the opposing team. I don’t think anyone was asking for super quick matches for any game mode, I hate when the matches end within 5-10 mins, as there is no time to really even do anything.

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Does anybody else think the finale -might- be okay if both teams had super minions of varying strength based on round one’s performance going down the lanes? I’m still not sure that’s actually a better solution than having Meltdown be what is was to begin with, but it could be worth a shot if it’s something the devs really believe in


It might but still the time is just too short if you ask me. 300 minions in feels like nothing.

At least losing my level 8 power-up doesn’t mean anything anymore. :smirk:

God, I am using that emoticon a lot today.

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