Meltdown Issues : Minions glitching out

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Anyone else having this issue? Or has it been addressed? if theres a similar thread then if a mod merge them?

Kind of hard to see what’s going on here. What were the minions doing?

Nothing they were just bunching up there and not moving in the lane

Was there a kelvin on either team? There used to be a bug relating to his ice wall, even if the wall was destroyed minions still wouldn’t be able to pass by the spot where it was

i think so?

I would imagine that’s what is causing it then… the bug used to involve kelvin laying his ice wall ult in the direct path of minions, particularly in narrow spaces where the ice wall is touching a collision surface on the right and left. After the wall is destroyed or times out the minions still act as if there is a wall there, not letting either side pass through.

May try submitting a ticket to support to see what’s going on, cause I have no other ideas on what it could be