Meltdown Needs YOU!

Hi There,

Are you a meltdown fan but can’t find a game?

Are you getting tired of playing incursion only to be standing at a choke point for 30mins before a surrender or random rage quit?

Are you tired of having to play meta characters (Miko, Galilea, thorn etc.) to even stand a chance?

Are you tired of the inevitable snowball effect seen in the majority of incursion matches with little to no hope of a comeback?

Then Meltdown needs YOU!

But seriously here in Australia I am lucky to find one meltdown match an hour and it seems this game mode is in trouble. (Average wait time 30 mins but has been as high as 45 before I’ve given o

It’d be great to see the community and developer work together to keep this aspect alive (maybe a little incentive to play it say 25% bonus credits haha?)

Anyway the main point of this post is for fellow meltdown fans to let each know what times we are on so we can queue simultaneously of sorts.

I’m on PS4 fairly often but pretty much always from 7pm ACST (Australian Central Standard Time) I’m that one player in the meltdown queue on PS4 haha.

Hope to see you online it will be ‘axe’ to meet you (I mean that Boldur is bad at jokes haha)


So many “I can’t find a Meltdown match” threads, but no comments on this one? >.<

I find Meltdown matches easily. Capture is rarer for me.

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my groups pretty much stopped playing meltdown. in meltdown, there is a constantly present score that is right in front of your face. granted incursion has the same type of score in front of your face, but often that score stays the same for quite some time, or is at least very close for at least half the match. because of this, people tend to stay in incursion games longer. that, and there is more time more late game characters, which further convinces some teams that are dying a lot to stay in the game. incursion really only takes 1 really good push to win, so another incentive to stay.

so to put it another way, people arent as likely to figure out they are actually getting smoked when the score says 100-100, so they stay.

the meltdown games i play just end in people leaving and quitting in the first few minutes every game.

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That’s part of what I’m finding boring about Incursion. Don’t get me wrong I like Incursion and it was my main mode for a long time, but after a while 20+ minute stalemates at the choke points just get boring. Generally you have to sweep the enemy team and quickly rush forward to win mid or damage the sentry, and melee is much harder to use for obvious reasons. There are a handful of characters who are present in most Incursion games, and many who are lackluster or only have limited usage, where in Meltdown you can play almost any character and spread out from your team to do your own thing instead of just clumping together while chipping away at the enemies down range for half the match. I’ve veen in many Incursion games with 0 kills at the halfway mark before one team pushes.

Anyway, the point of this isn’t to compare modes, it’s to unite those who can’t find Meltdown matches and increase the numbers in the Meltdown playlist.


It really does depend on your Timezone but my average time is 20mins and then I’m matched with a team of players new to the game (average rank 5-10) so we really do need more people in the queue.

Not sure on the situation on capture but meltdown is in real trouble. Perhaps you will need to try set up a capture community? :slight_smile:

@chrischristopher I see your point but in most cases incursion is a snowball first team to damage a sentry in most cases will win the game. 30 minute games normally taking place at a choke point until benedict/OM sneaks to hit the sentry. With battleborn being a FPS/moba obviously game modes will cater for one or the other with incursion taking on a more FPS focus - one lane like fish in a barrel leading people to take a more team death match style approach from my experience then add miko to that and it just gets drawn out for no reason.

Meltdown is a more dynamic MOBA focused game mode (hell it even has 2 separate lanes) with an emphasis on teamwork, communication as well as individual player skill rather than the meta team composition. Comebacks are much more viable as the movement of grinders actually prevents a snowball often giving the losing team the edge whilst healers have a lesser effect on the outcome.

It’s a shame the previous MM seemingly pushed out the meltdown crowd with the constant incursion matches (with no choice) since both game modes cater for different tastes it would be great to see both get attention hence the purpose of this post :slight_smile:


Meltdown beats Incursion for sure. There’s actual strategising and back-and-forth, instead of either smashing heads together in the middle or chipping aeay at a sentry while the rnemy tesm all camps around it like pansies.

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The last few days Meltdown has been awash with players, especially 5-man premades who I can only assume are doing the same thing as us - Partying up to reduce queue times. I don’t know if this post has directly influenced this in any way, but the timing is convenient and Meltdown is back bitches!