Meltdown/Paradise Minion Glitch and Overgrowth Sniping

Just a fair warning: both of these videos contain a little bit of swearing.

Also sorry for my friends and I sounding a bit upset in these clips, I love Battleborn and want it to be as successful as possible and experiencing things like this has just gotten me a bit frustrated.

After looking at the forums a bit it seems there has already been much discussion about overgrowth sniping and gearbox is aware of it, but I will still post the clip anyway.

The second clip is a bug in Meltdown on Paradise. The minions’ pathing got completely screwed up and they would not move forward in the lane. I think the enemy minions also could not advance but I wasn’t there to see. This unfortunately probably caused my team to lose that game :frowning:

Thank you for your time.

You should have sent Caldarius to kill Toby. Caldarius can easyly pass the forcefield and evade incoming fire. Without the forcefield in between toby is a very easy target.

But you are right. Maybe they should add a Tree or something to block LOS past both sniping platforms.

That’s true although I think with us being pushed so far back already it would have been a little risky for the Caldarius while the Toby is much safer being near their sentry.

I guess the best counter to this would have been having a Marquis on our team to snipe the Toby, but I personally would like for that not to become a necessity for this map. As I saw in another thread though Gearbox does plan to change this in a future update.