Meltdown Tips & Tactics Please

Ok, guys, I really want to play more Meltdown, as I really enjoy it and believe it to be the most intense and tactical game mode.

But I need tactical advice.

When I play with 4 friends on mic we can usually do OK but even then it seems we lose a lot more than we win.

Should I be sticking to one side of the map for the whole map?

Or crossing over constantly and being reactive?

If I’m a ranged character, should I be providing ranged support to both sides from the top central area?

How do you know which side to send an elite minion to at any given time?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

The following are the main things I like to do in this mode as a ranged character:

  • Build/control the turrets closest to the initial grinders ASAP!
  • Destroy enemy turrets, accelerators, and healing stations as often as possible.
  • Try to stay in range of the shepherd to get the overshield it gives when it’s still on my side of the map.



Any Melee tips?

Those 3 bullets also apply to melee, but once your grinders have shifted, melee can stick to the shepherd on the enemy side of the map when their first line of turrets are down as well. Biggest thing I’ve found with melee is knowing when to GTFO, because there’s nothing worse than getting stuck trying to defend your minions with the enemy coming at you from your side of the map, especially if the enemy has AOE.

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What do you mean the “enemy” side of the map?

Couldn’t that be either side, or both?

Don’t chase kills early. So many times I’ll see new meltdown players on the very first wave just ignore the minions and attack me as I destroy their minions and accelerator. Then I run away when I get low, teleport to base for health and repeat the process. The xp for kills at early levels is so small it’s not worth overpursuing a kill when there’s an minion wave that will give you way more xp and much less of a fight. Also, if a minion wave is right by your minrec about to score DONT do nothing and accept it as a lost cause. Try and hit each minion once before they score if you can’t stop them entirely without getting killed. You will get the same xp just for hitting them even if they score as you would if you had killed them.

  • Focus the objective before the enemy battleborn. Kill minions, then kill players (or do both at once, but never ignore enemy minions for enemy battleborn.
  • Build turrets and destroy enemy turrets. Turrets help maintain the lane, they are essential. Especially in Coldsnap/Paradise.
  • Send in Elite Minions as early and as frequently as possible during the first half of the game (before the grinders relocate) It is way easier to escort them and you can get a huge early lead.
  • Have at least 1 character in each lane that can wave clear when minion waves are moving out.
  • Once a wave is cleared in a lane then roam around to either help the other lane, gank/kill enemies, collect shards, destroy enemy buildables, build your own stuff.

those are the things I try to follow. I usually end up having the most assists and objectives while mostly having the lowest Kills in the game, but it helps the team out a lot so it’s whatever. If we win, my K/D doesn’t matter.


I consider “enemy” side to be anything past where the first grinder is. If you get stuck there during the 250 to 500 push, and an enemy is coming at you from your own side of the map, they’re going to be pushing you deeper into their side where their invincible turrets are. Really sucks to be avoiding skills and attacks from the enemy only to be blindsided by a thumper turret in the butt.

This is much less of a problem if you’re being pushed back to your own base, as it’s your own invincible turrets backing you up. In fact, sometimes it’s perfectly fine to lure the enemy into trying to kill you on your side of the map by constantly backing up, only for them to be slowed by your accelerators and/or taken down by your own thumper while trying to chase you down.

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Thanks for the great tips so far!

If the enemy team reaches the 250 mark before you, you should fall back to your second grinders and make sure the supply station and the thumper turrets are active at any moment. Move forward with the minion waves so you could get the overshield, make sure to destroy the turrets between the first grinders and try to reclaim them. The first few minutes after the enemy grinders move are critical, if you play safe and force your enenmies to move to your side of the base and take risks your team will be able to create power plays and change the whole match in the 20 seconds the enemies are out until respawn.

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this is an admittably “cheap” tactic, but it’s effective if you get your gear up
build cost reduction gear can stack, it’s a fairly cheap tactic, but I have 3 pieces of gear with build cost reduction as a secondary stat(one of them is a wrench with another 12% reduction for 30 seconds after buying a buildable). that totals at just under 60% build cost reduction

if you consistently need a little more weight to push on to the grinder just summon more superminions

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Wouldn’t necessarily call it cheap at all, I think that’s part of the point of this mode. If it wasn’t, then what’s the point of -buildable cost ever?

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i feel it can be cheap because it costs me roughly 600 to build both bots…but i can get 600 before they die so the second they are off cooldown i can summon them again

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Kill minions. If that is not your sole priority (in a public match), you’re doing it wrong. Doesn’t matter what character you play. Only do anything else once all enemy minions are dead.

Oh, and don’t die 17 times. By God is that a fast way to lose a game.