Meltdown vs Face-Off

I know the player base is small and Face-Off is the new attraction to potentially bring old players back…but…

Face-Off should just be in Chaos Rumble or Quick Match, and Meltdown should have it’s own category.

I just want to play a regular Meltdown match, and not have to endure 3 Galileas on a Capture match.


Face off is new. Once they have data that isn’t based off of its newness factor, it will either stay standalone or be added to something else. IMO, my preferred queues would be
Two Meltdown maps with a non Overgrowth Incursion map
Randomly chosen incursion, 75% chance of Overgrowth
Capture and Faceoff together. They’re both shorter for people who want shorter matches


Plus Capture and Faceoff take place on the same maps.


I don’t enjoy face off at all. But since there’s so few players, the queues have to be conjoined.

If only players werent so picky. I would be fine with 1 queue and no voting. Just give me games to play.


^this. Give more loadouts and i don’t care what mode i get!

Also plz plz change something btw face off and capture photo! Sometimes i get confused and set my gear of face off in Capture…

Exactly! All modes of the game are cool. If we had to play all randomly everyone would end up getting along with the modes and we wouldn’t have to play incursion in overgrown ad infinutum.

Lots of factors here.

  1. I feel Incursion needs its own playlist because it’s ideal for new Players.
    There aren’t a ton of 1 v 1 match ups, Most encounters are 3 or 4 v 4 which lets people ease into it who aren’t very good in those situations.
    Face off is similar in that the action is centrally located around the hub.

2 Meltdown and Capture are more spread out. Lots of 1v1 situations which new and some experienced players are not comfortable with. I have friends who enjoy all of the modes but are weak in 1v1. ( hey all of us have a weakness ) but are great in groups of 3 or more. Not just because you have help but knows how to play the parts for the character.

So really you could join Invursion and face off into one playlist, Meltdown capture in another. Then chaos rumble.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

Stick together in capture, face off and meltdown is a viable strategy.

In meltdown split is not always the best strategy: 5 players in 1 side can destroy minions faster(now that we cant 1hit the wave) kill 1 or 2 battleborn and move to the other side again in a 5 vs3 and probably lvl1 vs lvl2 characters.

Fight together or die alone is a good slogan for this game, and tottaly should be told over and over to new players.

Someone made a post about multi-queuing, and I really think that’s an excellent solution. Being able to get into any mode very quickly, or avoid modes you don’t want to play.

Just want play Meltdown? Check only Meltdown. Don’t care and just want to play? Check everything!


I second that idea. Multi-queiuing would really help us find the modes we want to play.

On another hand, though, am I the only one that thinks Face-Off actually deserves the spot, at least for now? Though Meltdown being locked in CR is a shame, Face-Off is Capture being put on steroids, poisoned with Varelsi blood, mixed up with a bit of Ronin bots madness, and thrown to us players to fight with it in a cage fight (I suck at metaphors). It feels so much more complete and intense than Capture, at least in my opinion.

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I’d love this. Most of the time I really don’t care what game I play, but Meltdown is the mode I find unique to BB (my first MOBA) and is the reason I keep coming back to PVP.

After playing this game pretty much exclusively since release, I finally got another game and picked up Battlefield 1 last weekend. So when I’m playing a mode that I didn’t want to, I’ve already found myself thinking I’d rather be playing Battlefield, and I end up switching over to that.

I guess I feel Meltdown really highlights what makes BB different than other games, so I feel like it should be featured as its own queue, unless a multi-queue is established.


I love battleborn, but the queue times are unbearable more than half the time for me. I don’t even care if i get run the hell over by pre-mades anymore, i just want to play battleborn.

Though can someone who knows explain to me why can’t there be let’s say Quick Match (with all modes), each mode with their respective que and any new mode being separated example Chaos Rumble as their own que? Chaos Rumble is good and all but most of the time i just want to play a normal meltdown match yet CR took quick match’s spot, i feel that this has to bug someone other than me, haven’t play the game in a while cuz of it and kinda hooked on World of Final Fantasy, everyday i check to see if its gone but its still there, when is CR ending anyway?

Architecture of the game got build in a way it cant get changed without screwing everything.

Cr ends soon i hope ( maybe tomorrow)