Meltdown Vs. Incursion

So, what’s your favourite mode?

Personally, I favor Meltdown, because it’s so damn hard to get a comeback in incursion. Either you lose your sentry quickly and then it’s over, due to the ridiculous shieldbot, or you stall infinitely in the middle and nibble a bit at each other’s spider.

Meltdown offers more potential for cool plays, in my humble opinion.

What’s yours? Also, what are your tips for each mode?

I prefer Meltdown too, for the same reasons. Haven’t played that much of Incursion though, since all the matches I played seemed so unrewarding. But I bet it has it’s moments too.

My tip for Meltdown would probably be: Shards! Collect them! :grin:

I like these modes about the same. I think incursion has a flaw in its very dna, being a single lane mode. It makes you work for comebacks, because you’re basically swimming up stream, in a white water rapid river. Two changes to help balance this would be to make Shepherds buyable, with the same cost as a super minion, and to not make the first sentry area be able to have enemy Buildables after its downed. Otherwise, you can’t do much else.