Memory Leak! Help me Gearbox!

I really hope someone from Gearbox sees this. Ever since the technical test I have had an issue where the game continues to degrade more and more until it is entirely unplayable. As a marquis player, I need good FPS to obliterate hobos. I have noticed this issue happens for many of my friends, as well as a large sum of people on reddit. Is anyone looking into this? Is there a fix planned for the future? I really love this game and would hate to see myself lose interest over an optimization/technical issue. HALP!

Yeah same here. i’m on latest nvidia driver as of writing, and the fps degrades the more i play, i have to restart the game every 3-4 rounds to get fps back to normal.

What are you system specs? Be easier to help.

i7 5960x at 4.0 GHz
64 gigs 2400Mhz RAM
Rampage V Mobo
256 G OS SSD

I don’t think my hardware is the issue…lol

Asus Rampage V Extreme
i7 5960x @ 4.4Ghz
32 GB ram @ 2400 Mhz
2x Titan X’s in SLI (although that’s another issue, this game needs to support multi-gpu. It doesn’t for some bizarre reason.)
Game installed on an SSD.

Try changing the in game video settings. Turn on Vsync and see if that fixes your issue. If not, change the FPS setting in the same menu. Anything other than the default “smooth”. If that doesn’t do it, rip out the latest driver, from your driver manager in windows. Then reinstall. Sometimes the GeForce just blows. Also, the optimization button in the experience also blows. Let me know if none of this works.

Thanks for trying to help. Really appreciate it. However, all the steps you mentioned are unnecessary and are not solutions to the problem (the ones about changing the graphics or video settings of the game.) It’s an obvious problem from poor optimization either from Gearbox or it’s indeed the Nvidia driver. Either way it’s annoying as hell and I hope Gearbox fixes it soon.

Why would it need SLI support? I swear the requirements aren’t that bad… unless I’m missing something? (Legit question, not being a dick)

If you run at very high refresh rates on very high resolutions, you sometimes need SLI to maintain that high fps on particularly heavy scenes.

Some people think SLI or Crossfire is purely a luxury or for show of. It’s not. Again, on high refresh rates and resolutions, multi-gpu’s become a must.

Going the repost here what I posted in another thread.

I have a GTX980TI , the map Coldsnap is unplayable (from what I have gathered pretty much for everyone) because of framedrops, this is the reason why nobody ever votes for that map . Also I need to restart the game after every pvp match because it seems the game has a memory leak and starts stuttering after a while. Lowering the textures to high means I can play two matches more or less without a reset, but if I keep it on Very high or Ultra I need to restart the game after every pvp match because of serieus frame dropping.

This is definitely not because of my setup but due to bad optimization. Its really A shame , because I am loving this game despite these flaws, but as it stands I can not recommend it to my friends because of these Issues.

I am being forced to play the same pvp maps over and over because nobody votes on the new maps (non beta maps) because of serieus stutter issues. Having to restart my game after every match is a pain… but I can live with it for now.

What bugs me however that there has been no word from the devs acknowledging these problems or letting us know if there is a fix on the way. I hope the issue gets resolved before another certain game gets its official release and start stealing the player base away because that game runs smooth as butter.

Same issues here. Can’t recall the names of the maps which are worse but damn sure I’ve played them :smiley:

From what everyone is saying, i wish i had a chance to experience the beta so that i can say that I’ve had fun at some point. Gameplay seems brilliant, but (and without exaggeration) a lot of the time, the game is headache-inducing because the fps fluctuates from way beyond 60fps all the way down to 10-15 fps. Honestly its nauseating :S As mentioned also, performance degrades over time.

I appreciate the complexity of a game like this, and that debugging etc will be no small task, but they have a huge team and get paid millions (collectively), so yes! My expectations are higher than this. The worst thing in these situations is the developers conscientious decision to not respond to these reports even though a huge portion of their revenue comes from people with AMD machines, and the obvious reason for this is because as soon as they acknowledge it, they’re either obliged to fix it or work to get people their money back (no luck for me though as I bought the boxed version from Game).

Wish there was an international trading standard that dealt with this crap. Notice how MOBA’s always run great? I.e. smite, paragon or overwatch? Its because the dev knows that they’re banking on you coming back so they get cashdollar! They prove that its possible for graphically demanding games to run perfect on a huge range of hardware configs. With gearbox, i feel that they’re exploiting the fact that they get my £40 before I even play it.

I’m really hoping for a fix. Been waiting in anticipation for this game. C’mon gearbox! Make AMD hardware count!

R9 290x 4gb
AMD fx 8350 5.0ghz (corsair h110i water cooler)
16gb corsair vengeance 1666mhz
X2 samsung 840 pro solid state (250gb each)
Asus M5a99x evo R2.0 motherboard
Corsair 750w 50A single rail psu
Windows 10 professional 64bit (clean install)
Crimson 16.5.2 driver
All latest mobo/bios drivers installed.

It’s not just AMD hardware. I’m on an intel cpu with a 960 ssc. Every post about stuttering on reddit amounts to “let me see your system specs”. Pretty sure in 2016 the majority of people posting to games forums about performance understand how to meet minimum requirements. This issue is clearly not a lack of power on the user end and is a memory leak as many of us can restart and be fine for a round or two.

It isn’t a mem leak. It never exceeds 3.5gb at any point (coop or pvp). That would be a global issue too, so it doesn’t matter what the hardware is. Any game that starts with an nvidia logo exhibits these issues 50% of the time. Faults on an AMD machine might well derive from the usual bad driver because nvidia won’t disclose the necessary ddl’s to amd because capitalism. Such is life.

On one of the AMD x8 chips (for which there’s a few), the game only uses 2 cores and doesn’t surpass 60-65% in usage. That might not help. 290/390x gpus are underutilised in game also with little more than 700mhz of usage. The main menu maxes it out, however :smiley: yay for the main menu/lobbies and my 250fps :D.

Two things I’d like to try whether they’ll help or not, and perhaps some of you can too (or perhaps tell me if its a waste of time)… i need to find out how to force multicore usage in the steam launch options (remember it working in another game, yonks ago).
Also, I’d like to check which version of openGL is being used with the crimson driver.

Also, for AMD users - crimson was released on the 16th which fixes Doom significantly, but also adds crossfire support for multi gpu setups with battleborn In mind. It didn’t help me but that doesn’t mean it won’t help you.