Memorys hazy - Any real 2 vs 1 bosses?

just thinking outloud whether a Troy/Tyreen fight would have been decent…and whether there have been any true 2 vs 1 bosses (i get that the 1 could actually be 4 but still…)

Cant recall any from any of the BLs.

Boom & Bewm in BL2

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d’oh…only the first real boss.

Pain and Terror,… err kinda,… I mean you technically kill both and get loot from both.

Doesnt really count. 2 guys -1 cut

can we count Wotan and Wotan’s better half? That split is one of the harder parts of the raid (and of the game)

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The Dragons of Destruction in the BL2 Tina DLC come to mine, there’s 4 of them.

Then of course there is Digistruct Peak which throws multiple bosses at you, but that’s not mainline so might not count.

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Freddie and his bots, Petunia and Dandelion, too! :robot:

Ah yes the dragons…good loot from those

yup, although that fight was over so quick I didn’t get chance to count.