Mending the Dragon's Broken Wings

I wrote a haiku. It goes like this:

Oh, poor El Dragon.
You used to be number one.
Then you tumbled down.

Alright, let’s fix his helixes.

Level 9: Does anyone take Cut the Line(reduces Clothesline cooldown by 10% for each enemy hit, up to 50%)… ever? Maybe we ought to change it to something that actually competes with Lifeline. Like, killing an enemy with Clothesline instantly resets its cooldown. Now that Clothesline is a better finisher thanks to the damage buff, a kill-with-escape-tool perk would be useful. You can choose between Lifeline and… whatever they’d rename Cut the Line too… and it should fit with his hit-and-run playstyle. Lifeline would help you stay in the fight longer, but Cut the Line would let you escape better or chain kills against weak enemies. You want Dragon to be a glass cannon, right? You’ll need the cannon part.

Level 5: The damage and movement speed boost is too negligible to be useful in a competitive environment. 15% skill damage boost? That’s it? Why not 2% or 2.5%? I’d say 30% but that might be a bit too high for Clothesline. But if they want him to do damage… and then there’s the speed boost. You also provide mobility and speed options for El Dragon to cater to skirmish/harasser playstyles. This is something I think should be at 25%. Make it and the skill damage mutation actually viable against 30% damage reduction. Come on now.

Level 8: “Heart of the Champion” is the one that needs touching up here. Dropkick hardly does any damage worth enough for lifesteal. If you want to keep Lifesteal, make it 200% – yes, 200%. Dropkick does like what, 90 damage? 180 lifesteal would be decent enough to make it useful. If it would be that unbalanced, and it won’t be, just put the lifesteal effect on a 3 second cooldown or whatever (so Dragon can’t just keep spamming it).

As for the other two options… leave Damage Amp how it is (16% is a good amp value) and give Bicycle kick a small damage boost.


Level 10: These three options seem ehh in theory and ehh in practice. Unquenchable should just create an AoE pool at the clothesline location – or just add the pool and keep the damage trail as well. That might be a bit too much, but as long as the trail isn’t too wide and the pool isn’t too big, it should be fine. And Dragonfire… pbbblblbt. That was a fart noise. Only 100 damage or so at level 10? For that slow of an attack with a lower projectile speed? Double that. Dragonfire does twice the damage of a normal Clap attack… or, we can simply increase the attackspeed of Dragonfire.

Alright. I want to make El Dragon the glass cannon. He was the glass nuke before. Then they nerfed him – some nerfs were necessary and understandable. Much of Dragon’s weren’t. He just needed the stun duration reduced and Clap spam nerfed. Now he’s a walking XP pile. They’ve been trying to buff him slightly but it’s just not working out.

If none of these options are considered or put into effect, at least give him the two-second stun back. That would make up for his sucky melee damage (even with full stacks of 2% melee dmg per… stack… he’s still not a very good killer.)

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Gotta get that out of the way…

Oh, wait. I forgot about that guy. Uh-oh. I feel like the Dragon master’s fury is coming… or is it?

He’ll always be number one in my heart! <3

No not really because lifeline is currently a little broken. Having 100% life steal on a skill that does anywhere from 400-800 damage is stupid since he can hit minion waves and get all of his health back. I would like to see a little nerf to lifeline and buff cut the line. Your idea holds some merit as you can pick up a decent amount of kills with it now that’s back to doing pre beta nerf levels of damage.

That all I need to quote because of how much better the damage reduction is over the rest. Skill damage is alright if you run a skill damage build but he loses his ability to be a front liner. You can leave the skill damage where it’s at but please buff his movement speed! Q.Q

Only choice here is bicycle kick as it allows him to do a certain trick with his ult… New Dragon Tech
The other two are garbage and add nothing… I would like a re-work of the helixes here but please keep Bicycle kick! I actually look forward to hitting level 8 now.

These are tricky as I change which one I use every match. None of them are useless but depending on which you pick you’ll get different millage out of it depending on the other teams comp/map. Dragonfire gets more millage from campy Incursion maps since it give you a tool to harass with. It still stacks Fuego dot’s so having an extra 72-80 damage per second isn’t bad in the least.

Speaking of Incursion his mutation is great for killing sentries/stationary objects. It scales with skill damage so from just pressing the button you have already guaranteed 1000+ damage on sentry along with another 9 seconds of Fuego fists… Title fight is everyone’s go too but it wouldn’t be if people understood which one to take in certain situations.

He doesn’t need the stun anymore… I would prefer if they gave him back his normal damage but lower the damage he does in Fuego so he doesn’t need it late game to engage. He still does the highest dps out of all the melee characters in the game while En Feugo so it’s not like he’s lacking any killing potential. Randy mentioned on reddit they were looking into his survivability so hopefully he can function as a real skirmisher instead of an assassin.