Mentoring and You: A (clarified) idea

A lot of you have probably read or scrolled past my Mentor thread, if not, here. Many thanks to @Ganjamira and @Vicks_Toire for helping me with the planning in said earlier thread, before I begin ^^

Basically, with lots of changes for the better in the coming future, now is a really good time to try to stabilize the player base as best we can. A few select people, ‘Mentors’ in groups of one or two, would offer to party up with and help newer players understand the nature of the game, since solo it’s a bit difficult to get past the learning curve. The ultimate goal would be to lead them back to the (Un)official Discord/this forum, so that they would have the resource to find more players/share there ideas on how to improve it as well. It’d be open to all players on all platforms, with the idea there be only three requirements:

A. Have a relatively high Command Rank.
B. Be knowledgable about Battleborn(obviously lol) and be open to answering any questions/lending a hand as best you can.
C. Be civil and understanding, most of all!

You can also help even if you’d rather not be a mentor, as I’d also like to have PS4 communities, Steam groups, etc. anything to get the idea out there and people interested. Just get back to me below or leave any other ideas here- We have lots of time before the patch, so we don’t have to worry about quickly getting the band together.