Menu Broken unable to play risk of rain 2

Every time I load up risk of rain 2 on my PS4 I have no taps like play game or options or extra just the back ground and idk what to I have re-download and have close the application and I even check the web to find a problem like this and I have gotten no answers pls help! I do not know what else to ask people to report a bug. It has been only effecting my main profile and when I play with different profile it works fine.

The bug still exist, If you are the account on the PS4 that has PS Plus you can download a previous save off the cloud. Or if your like me share an account and your files have no cloud to goto look come to the conclusion that no much light has been given to this issue

Bonjour, une solution a tel ├ętais trouver ?
Merci beaucoup.