Menu UI's and extra wide resolutions after May 6, 2015 patch

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apologies in advance to any of you guys that this has nothing to do with. :slight_smile:

A couple of small things that are occurring on the extra wide supported resolutions that the latest patch hasn’t quite fixed. In my case 5760 X 1080

Essentially any supported resolution that spans more than a single monitor.

for reference the black vertical bars in these images represent the bezels on a multi monitor set up.

1,The menu’s just clipping a little on the CPU skirmish screen though its leaps and bounds better than it was before patch.

2.Because of the way the menu scaling is currently handled its quite common for information to straddle the bezels on multimoitor setups which is a bit of a pain at times.

Is it possible at some point in the future to fix the aspect ratio of the menus to something more sensible and have it scale using only the " Y " axis ?

That way all the menu’s would end up much more like the games main screen. Stretching the menu text at the moment isn’t adding anything so I’m guessing locking the ratio’s to say 4:3 or something similar shouldn’t cause any general upset.

This is related but as its an in game thing, I imagine its not as simple a fix as the menu’s.

Currently the right click menu’s also suffering from extreme stretch on the supported extra wide resolutions. This menu is the entire width of the centre screen, which is a bit of a pain. is there anyway to lock the aspect ratio to something a little more gamer friendly at some point in the future ?

I (we) can’t promise anything, but some of this is on my (our) radar. Eventually maybe setting a zone as the ‘hud box’ will help - you can just throw it all on the center monitor, etc. I bet that would be handy. But I really appreciate your report - lots of stuff to jump on actually :smile:

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perhaps having a separate resolution settings concerning the menus and the right-click menu ?
I also have a triple-monitor setup, but somewhat unusual (3 x 1280*1024), so doing something in automatic which would be ok for everybody won’t be easy I suppose