Merc day curruption

So as of merc day i reached level 58 right. loaded my vault with 112 or so items and not all of a sudden im back to 56 with 87 items in my vault. Wtf is going on here devs. I went to the recent save and it said i was 56 and when i went to the older one it said i was 55. Where did my loot go? Why does this keep happening to me? This is now the second time it happened.

Isn’t level cap 57?

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now to top it off I lost my twitch prime weapon.

i was 58

Yeah but the highest level you can be is 57.

I even have screenshot of when i was talking about merc day. Hell i even got the skins. but now everything i got then is all gone. @VaultHunter101 or some admin or mod we need to have a talk. because now i lost my twitch prime loot.

Yes, level cap is 57. Only way anybody could be 58 currently would be through some crazy hack or something

Are you talking about Borderlands 2 problems here in the Borderlands 3 section?

Game issues should be reported via a support ticket:

And as noted, level cap in BL3 is 57 not 58, so I assume that was simply a typo?

no i was 58 but i by the sounds of it i feel like it was a bug that got me to that level which may have caused the corruption still dont understand how or why it happened. though my internet was being fucky due to issues with the local provider (their side). But i doubt thats what caused it.

Only thing I can think of would be downloading someone else’s dubious save file, which hopefully was not the case. Otherwise, a very odd situation.