Merge Console and PC players or F2P?

At the moment this game is lacking in players to the point where it makes que times long so the player based really needs to be increased, so how do u guys think this should be done PERMANENTLY? (as seen by Battleborn in the humble bundle a sale didn’t permanently raise the player base)

Merge Console and PC players or make the game F2P?

I know a lot of console players don’t like how they are disadvantaged in aiming as a mouse is better than aiming w/ a joystick (just a fact not trying to start anything). Although if all the different versions of this game were merged then there would be enough people to have people play against people of their own skill level so it doesn’t really matter if PC players are generally better at aiming ex: good PC aimer w/ decent MOBA skills VS. console player w/ decent aiming skill but good MOBA skills.

Also for going F2P the big problem would be that the game could become P2W but since the game is already kinda grindy like a F2P game then I don’t see this really happening and would think the devs would do something like this: could give everyone 5 Battleborn to start w/ and then make people grind for the rest like people who don’t have the seasons pass already do for new battleborn and increase the amount of payed skins. Which isn’t a bad option as long as people who already have the game get to keep their stuff.

So idk which one of these options would be better :confused:


If it does go f2p, all Current Season pass owners should get free access to all the skins and taunts they have released and will release for free.

I paid 60 dollars when i preordered it, and 20 more when I got the season pass, 80 dollars, vs the 0 the newbies will have to pay. Skins and Taunts for free, please.


As someone who also payed 75€ for the game I think a possibe F2P-launch would just scare away far to many players of the “first generation” who payed rather much to enjoy this game.

Yes, there´d be the possibility of new blood, but I don´t know if it would be wise to join this russian roulette: maybe/perhaps gain more players while definately pissing off earlier paying customers seems not to be a wise move.
At least not in the first year or even 2 years.

Also a F2P-version always costs more resources as most people think. Its not just proclaiming “Its free know!” and push a button.
I´d rather see GBX/2K putting their efforts into the things they already do since relese - constantly fixing, balancing, reworking and adding more content.

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There are many topics discussing possible F2P-release, next time use the search-function to check similar threads :heart:


@timtoborne this. and id much rather have it go f2p if merging with pc is the alternative unless GBX finds a way to completely stop cheating when PC players play with xbox players. but going f2p costs them too much resources so idk what to do ill just keep blaming their marketing department and blizzard

Marketing department, that’d be 2k, mon frere. The publisher’s job is to make sure people know about the game before it comes out. They did not do that.

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I’m saying this because a youtuber named LftStrafe commented on it and I agree 100%.(I’ll link the video here: 2K is making the same mistakes for this game that they made for Evolve. So at this point about the only thing that can bring Battleborn back is a complete overhaul like Evolve had. This makes me really sad too because I still love this game and I have since long before it came out but it’s just not doing so hot now.

Exactly my point tim

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I’ve read some of the reasons for no cross platform support and I just don’t believe it.

  1. Excuse: PC players with keyboard+mouse have an advantage over game-pads. Solution: I was just on Indiegogo and companies are designing gaming hardware to address the unfair advantage of keyboard+mouse vs. game-pads. If that isn’t good enough don’t you think that Microsoft or Sony would love to profit from an optimized keyboard+mouse solution for their consoles? Wouldn’t they also love to profit from selling that new hardware?

  2. Solution: Design games from the get go for keyboard+mouse support for all platforms because of item #1.

  3. Excuse: Distributing simultaneous updates across all platforms so everyone is using the same game version for seamless multiplayer player experience. Solution: The first time doing something will always be difficult, but strategies are formed, experience is gained and the process is streamlined. Improved multiplayer experience would lead to increased sales.

  4. Excuse: It’s expensive creating and maintaining servers for cross platform multiplayer gaming. Solution: Again the first time doing something will always be difficult, but strategies are formed, experience is gained and the process is streamlined. Create a subsidiary company that only deals with cross platform servers. Improve technology, decrease costs, license technology for profit. It’s risk vs. reward, someone will eventually do this and be successful but who will it be?

  5. Excuse: Microsoft and Sony won’t co-operate. Solution: This shouldn’t be up to them. Independent game developers and gamers shouldn’t be punished by their anti-competitive attitude. Make a system that is profitable for developers and enjoyable for gamers and they have no choice but to follow suit.

Except the new Evolve stage 2 beta will never leave its new F2P beta. I kno first hand as an ex Evolve player, going F2P helped at the beginning but every day the numbers go down and down an eventually its going to die off and all the evolve vets have a new laundry list of complaints because of the lack of care that goes into F2P models by the newbies, they didnt pay anything so it doesnt bother them to not play the game seriously, thus nothing really changed except the amount of complaining. In 2 more months Evolve stage 2 will be a ghost town and itll never roll out to console.

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  1. I don’t see how you can expect a company to integrate a brand new product for a single game. Maybe in the long run, but there are no leanings toward this from either developer and and they won’t suddenly pull it out from behind the curtains.
  2. Not everyone should have to conform to a keyboard and mouse. Both have grown alongside each other, none really in the lead for a reason. They feel very different, and game play is different. You shouldn’t expect everyone to simply make games for keyboard and mouse when the majority don’t.
  3. Idk what you are getting at with this one, patches for this game are already simultaneous.
  4. Why would Gearbox or 2K spend so much money to do this?
  5. Perhaps it shouldn’t be up to them, but it entirely is and no, they don’t have to follow one relatively small games decision to try to make it cross platform. Very few games do this for a good reason.
    EDIT: I now see this was about cross platform in general. At the same time, crossplatform isn’t about to happen for smaller games anytime in the realistic future, wherein it’ll affect Battleborn.

That’s why I mentioned game-pad hardware that is being developed to compete with keyboard+mouse accuracy.

Why would anyone spend money to develop and support cross platform in multiplayer? Well I see potential for profit, whether its research of new technology to decrease costs, creation of new companies or development of new games.

Oh, the exact words you used were gaming hardware so I couldn’t tell. That is good to know
But I still think there’s nothing particularly special that could be done with crossplatform , except for struggling games like this, or friends on different platforms. But that’s just my view.

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You dont beleive it? Theres evidence everywhere that mouse keyboard is better then a console. Why else do pc gamers claim “PC Master race”?
PC players WILL have the advantage. Ask other pc players to give up their mouse keyboard for a controller an see how many outraged gamers there are.

EDIT: ehhhh grammar


While you aren’t wrong that keyboard mouse and mouse are better than a controller, in almost every case I have heard the term “PC Master race” refers to the fact that PC’s tend to have better graphics, frame rates and a larger library of games. And I do use a controller instead of keyboard/mouse quite often on PC, including while playing competitive games like Smite.

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Don’t be like that to evolve dude

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It pains me to say it man, but all i see is history repeating itself in this new beta. All the same problems from before that “chased everyone away” are still there an are getting worse and worse because if you took every persons opinion into account, every single character is OP and UP at the same time an thats just depressing.

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Do you use your controller when you play your FPS’s?

Nope, I only play Borderlands and Battleborn (in terms of FPS games), and I could never get my controller to work for Borderlands, so I continued the tradition with Battleborn.

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Go pick up some TF2 or good ol counter strike, or better yet if you can, go get battlefield an then play a week or two with the mouse and keyboard and then the next week or two try it with a controller. Record your stats for comparison an then after the month im sure your opinion will change. In any FPS competitive game mouse/keyboard has the edge. I hate that its true but it is.

This is true, because a controller is a completely different input -device … different, not inferior, because it has other strength and the software has to be implemented to fit each input device. I really like to play shooter games with controllers, after playing more than 20 years on PC with mouse & keyboard. And on consoles shooters are equally popular like they are on PC. It feels different to play with a controller and it took me weeks and month after playing for so long with mouse & keyboard to get used to it, but now i’m on a level where it feels absolut naturally to play a shooter ( and all other games ) via controller … and i don’t want to go back to PC gaming ( my high end PC gets dusty standing unplugged under my desk ) or keyboard & mouse. Because one is for sure – controllers were developed with gaming in mind, keyboard & mouse were designed as working equipment.

While keyboard & mouse kombo is a bit more accurate ( and to some extend faster but there are also console games you can adjust camera speed to the level of k & M) pixelwise than controllers, there are alot of wrong assumptions about controllers are not accurate and console players allways need aim assist but this is completely wrong. The aim assist in console games ( in most cases it can be disabled because it is more hindering than usefull ) is mostly something different and works different than ppl especially alot of PC players think.

Oh … and I’m against merging console & PC players, i don’t want to be forced to use K & M to be able to aim that 3 pixels more accurate, just my opinion.

Best regards :slight_smile: