Merging Guns-Add it back!

Gearbox should add the possibility to merge again. It was just so fun to be able to mess around with different combinations like the Lady Fist and Grog Nozzle just to mess around and go killing things. Seriously, there are those people that will use it, but then there are others that won’t. I personally won’t, I just tried it once to see if it actually worked. It did, until it got patched. Just add it back Gearbox!! Not many people play anyway these days, what’s the difference?

The difference is it was an unintended glitch and was patched because they didn’t want their game played with that exploit.
It won’t be coming back.


Just play Salvador, when he gunzerks, he merges both weapons, you just can’t stack it like with the glitch.

Yeah, true. I just miss the old days when you could go kicking butt anytime, lol

Yes the glitch was cool and fun to use, but taking it on here won’t do much and they won’t add a glitch back into a game.

Yeah, that’s true. I just remember when you used to be able to and just wreck crap. Thanks for the reply!! :slight_smile: