Meridian Outskirts door won't open

The door I’m talking about is the one right by the drop pod. There’s a fast travel station & 2 vending machines (Dr. Zeds Meds & Ammo Dump). Oh and a Catch-a-Ride.

So I can’t even explore the map unless I enter through Meridian Metroplex.

Does anyone know a way to fix this?

That sounds like the one further in from the drop pod. The only thing that I could suggest is to come in from the actual drop pod and see if the Lorelei cutscene hasn’t been triggered for some reason.

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I just realized another area is locked too. There’s a Catch-a-Ride near the entrance and I can see “!” for a side mission called “Maliwannabees”

Could this be related?

That’s definitely Lorelei-related. She opens the door to the resistance base by making threats when asked for the password. I’m pretty sure the first door you asked about is one she opens after her intro when she summons her vehicle.

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Ok I’ll try coming in from the drop pod like you said and see if that works.

Nope. Nada. Not working. The Catch-a-Ride isn’t even working. Not sure what to do.

Any chance you joined someone else’s game that was further along in the story?
Or had you already opened Promethea

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No I’ve never joined anyones game.

I ‘d had it happen on PS4 joining a friend’s game .
I had to find another player who hadn’t opened Promethea to get the area’s to open up . It was the only work around I could come up with.

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Any chance you can Screenshot/take a picture of what you’re trying to access? I’m not following at all but had problems with lorelei too. Just don’t want to throw more information out there if it’s not even relevant…

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The sequence should go something like:

  • Arrive in drop pod
  • Meet Lorelei
  • Follow her; she summons a vehicle
  • Drive to the next base
  • She opens door to the next base

I’ve seen reports that she sometimes glitches out and just stays put. Can you confirm which of those steps you’ve gone through in your solo session?


Ive arrived in the drop pod. Lorelei never showed/shows up. I can make it to the first Catch-a-Ride (im guessing thats where she summons the vehicle).

Sounds like you’re going to have to hitch a ride with someone else running the mission in the same mode if a full quit and restart doesn’t get Lorelei to appear.


How important is Lorelei? Will this mess up my game somehow? Or can I just forget about it?

In the first post you claimed to be able to backtrack from Meridian Metroplex. If you haven’t progressed the story through the Lorelei steps, and you haven’t been in someone else’s game, then how did you get to Meridian Metroplex?

Lorelei is tied to the story mission, so progress outside of a few side missions will not be possible

I cant remember exactly how it happened, but i reset the game a few times and it put me somewhere else in the game. I think it might’ve been Meridian Metroplex.

And I just beat the boss for Chapter 13 - The Impending Storm. It says I have to return to Sanctuary and guve vault key to Tannis.

Anyone is quite welcome to join my game and I’ll show you the doors that wont open.

Chapter 13 is after Lorelei and the first foray into Promethea. Do you have other unfinished quests?

I dont think so. But I did some of Ch.12 because I met up with Zero and I killed Gigamind. And now Im on Athenas.